Monday, March 12, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth

"Who's that then?
I dunno, must be a king.
He hasn't got shit all over him."

Just to revisit a point from a previous post for a moment…

The most stand-out part of The Great Global Warming Swindle for most ordinary people who watched the program seems to have been the ‘revelation’ that historic data shows CO2 levels rising after temperatures do.

Another curious aspect of the data, not mentioned in
The Great Global Warming Swindle, is that as well as there being a lag on the way up there is also a lag on the way down. The significance being that global temperature can fall even while CO2 levels are still rising, which is kind of a kick in the teeth for the CO2 = Global Warming fanboys

Now, whilst this data does not definitely disprove that CO2 plays some part in global warming it certainly doesn’t constitute proof that it does either.

Which is not the story that has been told by some leading Anthropogenic Global Warming advocates, most notably Al Gore in his Oscar-winning Powerpoint presentation An Inconvenient Truth

It is possible to argue that Gore isn’t lying as such, he is after all a politician and too clever for that, but he’s certainly taking liberties with the truth

And that’s one of the problems with this whole global warming business – the ‘truth’ about the nature of Climate Change is not as important to some people as the agenda they hope to fulfil using Climate Change hysteria as a tool. We’re into noble lie territory.

And the fact that many leading Anthropogenic Global Warming advocates come from the privileged and patrician classes is relevant (and that includes you George, you wanker).

As is the fact that, however scary they claim Global Warming to be, the patrician eco-prophets continue to live lifestyles that leave the rest of us looking like, er … peasants

Examples that come to mind include…

  • The Goldsmiths …all of them

It’s worth spending a few minutes reading through the wikibios of Zac, Ben and Edward Goldsmith. After which you run a serious risk of having your head buzzing with all sorts of apparently contradictory facts and peculiar connections – a strong commitment to deep ecology, idealised peasant lifestyles, venture capital funds, Mayfair night clubs and supercasinos – dynastic relationships and friendships with the Windsors and the Rothschilds – all sorts of peculiar stuff that could send you off into all sorts of different lines of investigation and contemplation.

The number one question being 'What is it about hardcore environmentalism that draws these people like flies to shit?' After all, it is unlikely that they picture themselves grubbing around in that shit with all the rest of us peons

There again maybe not. Our role in Life is not to question the motivations and actions of our betters is it?



Tony said...

'In May 2006 Goldsmith placed a bet with Ladbrokes that his former brother-in-law Imran Khan will become prime minister of Pakistan. Goldsmith reasoned,"He WILL become prime minister - or he'll be assassinated. One or the other."'

Your country is strange. Then again, so is mine (but in a different way).

Stef said...

Your country is strange.


Tony said...

One more thing:

Make child poverty history.
There is nothing like a philanthropistic billionaire's daughter.

Stef said...

LOL x2

So many amusing things to find once you start digging around...

Tony said...
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Tony said...

The more I think about this whole CO2-Climate-Change issue, the more I feel that science is the new religion. One has to believe. Many people simply don't have the scientific education and/or the time to check the facts.

And even if they had, it would be hard to make up ones mind oneself. If I read something about a scientific field like this (I guess any scientific field would do), I will never read something like: "Yeah, but before you make up your mind about my theory, you should read something by XYZ, he is very critical of my work. You should check out his work first." Instead, one has to find out that the work of XYZ exists by oneself, and if you mention his work, one would here something like "Yeah, but everybody knows that XYZ is a douchebag, paid by ABC. His theories are stupid and dangerous, don't read them!"

Which is something that "modern" science seems to share with most religions: "Believe in us and we will bring you salvation. Believe in somebody else and you will find eternal suffering and denial of entrance to heaven."

(Ok, I think I'm echoing something you have written before on your blog)

Stef said...

The analogy between Climate Change 'Science' and religion works even better than that - a globally warmed planet being the new Hell

Think about any of the key features that go into making up an organised religion - dogma, priests, prophets, saints, sacred books, rituals and all the rest - and you can find direct analogues in the way science is given to the masses today.

The key thing that could separate faith from science is the concept of falsification and even though all scientists claim to produce falsifiable work very many don't.

Scientists have become advocates and to encounter a line like "Yeah, but before you make up your mind about my theory, you should read something by XYZ, he is very critical of my work. You should check out his work first." is as rare as a hen's tooth

It's shame isn't it

Tony said...

You will love that:
CreationWiki and Conservapedia

Science is definitely the new religion.

Stef said...


I'm not exactly Darwin's biggest fan but this Creation Science thing does amuse me. The exams would be easy though...

Q. How was the Earth formed?
A. God made it. Next question...

Tony said...

There is hope for everybody who says that humans are a bad influence on earth's climate:
Global Dimming
The thing is, it looks like we have the blood of Millions of Africans on our hands. On the other hand, we could have saved earth from Global Warming (Whatever it is causing it) by killing those Africans... Catch 22

Tony said...

BTW: Oh the irony, a link between climate science and 9/11. The 9/11 climate conspiracy...

Stef said...

@tony - thanks I'll check it out tomorrow, though I already suspect I know where it is going...

Stef said...

OK I've seen it and I hated it

Let's not forget they also managed to work the recent Tsunami in there as well as 9/11

And the proof that we have the death of millions of Africans on our hands as the result of reducing air pollution?

A fucking computer model

Shit like that documentary is beneath contempt

Tony said...

Using artifical clouds/fog to fight global warming:

Stef said...


oh yes, too funny...

of course, the thing about global warming is that if global temperatures do rise the amount of vapour in the atmosphere will increase = more clouds anyway