Monday, December 11, 2006

Thou shalt conform - pt3

More divisity?

The goings on at Gate Gourmet last year were a cracking, if barely discussed or explored, example of why corporate Britain loves mass migration so much. Gate Gourmet management’s action plan for improving company profitability basically boiled down to…

  • Take one group of employees largely composed of people from established Asian and Afro-Caribbean communities working for shit money
  • Provoke a bullshit industrial dispute
  • Use the dispute as an excuse to sack the existing workforce and replace them with a bunch of fresh Eastern European immigrants on even shittier money and conditions.


And it worked too.

I witnessed another choice example of corporate attitudes towards migrants a few weeks ago. A spokesman for a business lobby group was on Newsnight extolling the virtues of unrestricted immigration and how great its effects were on suppressing salary inflation (presumably not his own). The presenter interrupted him and asked about the negative impact large numbers of migrants were having on the availability of affordable housing. His answer will stick with me for a long time…

‘Ah, but most of the recent migrants live five or six to a room so their impact on housing demand is minimal’

Cross my heart, that’s what he said. In 2006, after ten years of Labour Party rule, we’ve come to a state of affairs where someone feels comfortable saying something like that on national television.

'Habitable rooms' - no need to guess what kind of people are going to be packed into them...

Fuck it, why don’t we go the whole hog and reintroduce slavery? Wage inflation would be a thing of the past and you could pack the fuckers in twenty or thirty to a room.

Large-scale migration throws up a whole raft of issues. And it would be a capital idea if we all started dealing with them without succumbing to those trusty allies of politicians and the corporate media - Hate and Fear. The plain truth is that many of our new arrivals are here to stay and we have to face up to the associated problems as well as sharing in the benefits.

Alternatively, a growing number of people are just saying bollocks to it and voting with their feet. Britain, particularly the South East of Britain is haemorrhaging native-born people. The kind of people who cannot afford an insulated existence; living in twee neighbourhoods, paying for private healthcare and education for their kids, but who can afford to move somewhere where they don’t feel that they have to.

Like the migrants who are replacing them, they’re leaving home to look for a better life.

Which basically suggests that on some level London can be described as being a less
desirable place to live in than Auckland, Sydney or Madrid but not as shit as Mogadishu or Bucharest.

Well, that's something to be proud of.

Having said all that, there’s one issue that I wouldn’t even think about putting on the list of stuff we have to face up to…

It’s the issue that Tony Blair came out with last week

As in…

You must conform to our tolerant society or leave…

"The reason we are having this debate is not generalised extremism. It is a new and virulent form of ideology associated with a minority of our Muslim community.”

Yes Tony, it’s getting to the point where you can’t even open your front door without half a dozen Muslim fanatics falling into your hallway trying to impose Sharia law at gun point. And what about all those hordes of Muslims roaming our streets, kicking down Christmas trees and ripping crucifixes from little old lady’s throats.

Definitely an issue to stick at the top of our list of national priorities.

Of all the challenges facing this country, of all the shit that’s going down, of all the issues that we need to address with as much honesty and decency as we can muster, those fuckers in the government and the press just keeping banging the same old hateful, divisive drum.

If this supposed problem is so pernicious and so widespread why do I only ever see the same handful of nutcases from al-Muhajiroun and old clips of Abu-Hamza on the TV, time and time again? In all my forty one years of living in this city for the life of me I cannot think of one single occasion where a Muslim has hassled me or anyone I know for not sharing an extreme version of his faith. I have seen an awful lot of all sorts of shit but never that.

And if anyone is dumb enough to fall for the ‘It’s only a minority of the Muslim community’ bullshit don’t forget that Blair and his buddies regularly trot out the ‘moderate British Muslims are not doing enough to tackle the problem of extremism in their communities’ line.

So, basically, they’re all to blame.

Expect lots more of the same divisive crap in the months and years to come, and not just targeted at Muslims

… lots more

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