Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Royal Concert News Update

Tickets for the Princess Diana 'Queen of Skiing Holidays' Alleged Autocide 10th Anniversary Memorial Concert are now available exclusively to the general public from ebay for 175 quid

And yes I know that history records that Diana and James Hewitt didn't first meet (a euphemism) until 1987 when Prince Harry was a bouncing baby boy but who cares? Photo montages of Harry and Hewitt still crack me up and besides, I read in a tabloid once that under hypnosis Hewitt claimed to have 'met' Diana as early as 1982.

On the other hand I also read in the same tabloid that Prince Charles was straight and that his embittered ex wife wasn't collating a dodgy dossier on him prior to her alleged autocide...

So you can never be too sure what to believe can you?

Why did the Burrell trial collapse again? I forget...


cf. The Arisocrats (Joke) - Wikipedia and a video of Kevin Pollack starting but not finishing the joke whilst doing an impressively credible Chris Walken impression

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