Friday, December 08, 2006

For 7/7 and 9/11 buffs only - David Shayler

Anybody who thinks this man is a bit spooky must be nutcase

David Shayler was on SKY News the other day.

David is the 'former MI5 officer' turned whistleblower who is rapidly becoming the media's spokesperson of choice for people who doubt the official accounts of 7/7 and 9/11.

And, in an apparently spontaneous discussion with a presenter and another guest, Shayler was permitted the better part of half an hour on Sky to outline his ideas on 7/7, 9/11 and the Litvinenko poisoning

The Litvinenko Poisoning - dining out in London will never be the same again...

The video of Shayler's SKY appearance is currently up on google here

and really gets going four minutes in

And for most of that half hour Shayler is rational and sticks to the facts.

The operative word being most.


  • Both the presenter and the other guest seem to be more than up to speed with outstanding questions about 7/7 and 9/11 and appear to be asking questions they already know the answers to. The discussion feels 'stagey' and partially scripted
  • Shayler conflates solid, tangible reasons for doubting official accounts of 7/7 and 9/11 with speculation about the 'New World Order' and its motives for executing the attacks. Shayler is not dumb and he must know full well the effect of mixing fact-based questions with hypotheses. You don't have to buy his NWO spiel to think that there's something dodgy about 7/7 and 9/11 but a lot of viewers will come away thinking that's the case.
  • Shayler puts the final cherry on the cake by implying that WTC1 and WTC2 were not actually hit by aircraft. Presumably, Shayler thinks hologram-clad kamikaze spaghetti monsters did the business. Again you don't have to believe that no planes hit the Twin Towers to think that there's something dodgy about 7/7 and 9/11 but a lot of viewers will come away thinking that's the case. There are plenty of down to earth, verging on the mundane reasons to have issues with 7/7 and 9/11 without having to piss in the pool by invoking fucking holograms

Spaghetti monster shaped hole in WTC North Tower

Shayler is currently all over the burgeoning UK 7/7 Truth movement and, personally, I'm not convinced that's an entirely good thing.

(edit: Shayler is currently all over some parts of the burgeoning UK 7/7 Truth movement - The July 7th Truth Campaign which I happily and regularly plug whenever possible is blessedly Shayler-free)

Twelve minutes into the SKY discussion there is a exceptionally surreal moment when the other guest, science writer Jonathan Margolis, talks about how conspiracy theorists are people who believe in nothing and will therefore believe anything. He outlines an example of how if he put up a website that accused David Shayler of still working for MI5/ MI6/ SIS on a mission to subvert 9/11 and 7/7 truth movements he is sure that some people would start believing that Shayler really may still be a spook.

Perish the thought


Shahid said...

Can you say "Lightning Rod"?

As part of my "professional" career, I have pursued and backed the idea known as "augmented reality". It is now possible to execute this fantasy-world mingling of reality and virtual reality on low cost personal computing devices.

There are some pretty convincing high-power-computing demonstrations of this technology out there that would make your skin crawl with fear at the possibilities.

I would not completely discount at this stage the "no planes" theory, even if people like Shayler don't entirely get the point across very well.

As far as 9/11 goes, I think there is now sufficient momentum that even the wackier theories don't get in the way of the now widely perceived notion that something was most definitely amiss.

I feel that Britain is a lot more cynical and that the highlighting of the more esoteric theories is more likely to damage the 7/7 truth cause.

t-mix said...

Funny, the moderator only asks people to call in who disagree or are offended...

Stef said...

I start from a position that if someone gets half an hour on Sky to lay out his wares relatively unmolested there's good chance that all is not well.

I'm not saying that whacky new technologies don't exist but why go there when more than enough questions exist that don't require people to start believing in 767 sized moving holograms

Talk of the NWO + bizarro technology will only lose people by going further than many of those who have doubts are willing to go.

And he damn well knows it

Also bear in mind that Shayler is carrying out little, if any, research of his own and is merely hijacking and repackaging what others have done

t-mix said...

And the other funny thing was, even before I read what you have written, even before I heard what Jonathan Margolis has said, I was thinking "What if this Shayler guy still works for the MI*"...

And regarding the Boeing holograms, this was the first time I heard this kind of stuff.

The more I think about this whole 9/11 affair, the more I think it is not important how much the US goverment was involved. It does not matter if there is the blood of a couple of thousand people more or less on their hands. I find it very frustrating that freedom, justice and democracy are being destroyed, not only in the US, but in so called democratic countries all over the world. Even the Swiss are involved in CIA rendition flights. This was a country which prides itself in its neutrality and the kind of democratic involvement their citizens enjoy.

I begin to doubt whether the image that is created of our democratic nations ever existed in reality.

I feel like we live in a prision we can not see. This is depressing for me.

My family comes from Czechoslovakia, I visted the country a couple of times when the iron curtain was still intact and I had a clear view of the world with the communists as the bad (not the people, just the system) and the "free" world as the good. Yes, we in the west had (and still have) more freedoms, but I am starting to feel like the main difference ist that the West simply had the better marketing.

I don't know what live in Russia, Iran, China or North Korea is like today, but I have a feeling that it our media is not entirely truthful when it comes to those countries.

Ok, I lost track of what I wanted to say, it is late here...

t-mix said...

Oh, I remember what I want to say:

I have decided to change something. I have decided to join the party that I feel like is the least evil, but where I still can change something. And it is ironic that this party is the Left party here in Germany, the successor of the Communist ruling party of East-Germany. But compared to the other parties here in Germany they seem like 100% pure democrats.

Let's see if this is another deception I am following.

Stef said...

@ t-mix

It is difficult isn't it?

Personally, I always try to remember a couple of things

- The majority of people are decent (but easily deceived), otherwise there would be no need to mislead them

- There have been times when decency has succeeded, otherwise almost all of us would be living on plantations

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with your analysis of Shayler. Whether he covertly intended it or not, I think his high-profle interventions have hindered and not helped the cause of 911 and 77 truth.

The best propaganda always includes a high degree of truth that allow the lies to be successfully propagated.