Monday, December 18, 2006

December Link Roundup

A series of links (filched mostly from the b3ta message board) that I should have included in earlier posts but forgot…

Super Furry animals

  • A sad story about a pigeon cull in Surrey followed by the most entertaining series of user comments on the subject of pigeon extermination that I’ve seen for a long time

Evangelical Christians and End Time beliefs

  • A story about an evangelical preacher who drowned whilst trying to walk on water – whether he died because he didn’t have enough faith, placed his faith in the wrong entity or was punished by God for outright blasphemy is not made clear
And, in response to a comment that mentioned the hypothesis that the Book of Revelations was written by a monk off his face on mushrooms, a relink to an old favourite...
  • Badger! Badger! Badger! fans will be pleased to note that its producers have new stock of themed furry toys and have written a catchy new jingle and advertising video to commemorate the Good News

Nutters on public transport and the collapse of civil society

  • Trailer for Hot Fuzz the movie, from the people who brought you Shaun of the Dead. It’s looking quite good...



Seasonal on-line video games and festive fun

  • Attack of the Sprouts – an established classic, complete with its memorable opening music sequence. I actually don’t ever play it as I quite like sprouts – pop a little splash of vinegar on them first though, lovely

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