Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Have we all gone bonkers enough yet?

LONDON (Reuters) - Detectives said on Wednesday that a man wanted for questioning over the murder of a female police officer could have fled the country disguised as a Muslim woman wearing a full veil.

Mustaf Jama, 26, is thought by police to have escaped to his native Somalia at the end of last year after passing through security checks at Heathrow Airport wearing a niqab and using his sister's passport, according to newspaper reports.

'It is understood West Yorkshire Police regard the veil theory only as one of a number of possibilities...'

Asked whether Mustaf Jama had used a full Muslim veil to evade checks, a spokesman for West Yorkshire police said: "It's a possibility. He could have been wearing a pantomime horse outfit as well. But until we get him, we won't know for sure."

He was joking obviously. There’s no way Jama could have got through our stringent border controls dressed as a horse. That's just a silly thing to say

Unless he had an accomplice that is…


Daniel said...

lol! Very nice. I had similar thoughts when I heard this story on the news last night.

gyges said...

Three years later we have the answer,

"Jama explained how he fled to Africa despite being Britain's most wanted man.

He used friend Mohammed Gulled's passport to travel to Somalia from Gatwick, via Dubai and Djibouti.

Contrary to reports at the time that said he wore a woman's burkha as a disguise, Jama said he travelled in ordinary clothes.

From, "Revealed: How policewoman's killer was snatched from a country 'too dangerous' to deport him to" by the Yorkshire Post.

I wonder if they were after the hawalla walla and not the money.