Thursday, December 14, 2006

Fourth Princess Diana Post in a Row – Mrs Merton’s out takes...

Your host - Mrs Merton

"So, what first led you to believe Princess Diana's death was accidental
Lord Stevens?"

"So, what first led you to believe David Kelly committed suicide Lord Hutton?"

"So, what first led you to believe our government genuinely thought Iraq had WMD Lord Butler


The DVD version of this post includes the following bonus features:

Hours of extensive research have enabled me to unearth this rare archive still of Lord Butler taken during his Logan's Run years...

Once a spare part always a spare part

and this image of the limited edition 9 inch tall Lord Butler inaction figure...

Whirr Click ... Nobody's responsible ... Click ... Nobody's responsible...

Fully independent 7/7 inquiry anyone?



lambstar said...

hear my song written in 1996 cut and paste
princess di.mp3

thank you, nancy

Stef said...

lambstar/ nancy

I'd love to but I get this message when I try...

File is expired. Download cancelled.

Anonymous said...

go to
Princess di song is there