Thursday, January 20, 2005

Fame at last

Ian just emailed to tell me that some of my pictures have appeared on the BBC London site ...
A few factors kind of take the edge off this particular achievement
  • they resized the pictures such that they look all fuzzy and nasty
  • 95% of the numerous other pictures on the site are really rubbish
  • the BBC hasn't back-linked to my own London site that goes into great detail describing how horrible large swathes of the City have become. Funny that
  • most of my pictures have been placed in Gallery 13. My Easy Jet boarding pass yesterday was ... no 13. I opened a pack of Hungarian Jaffa Cakes this morning and it contained ... 13 East European Jaffa Cakes. Brrr, scary.


Kate said...

Shame on the BBC. They really are fuzzy, aren't they? :(
The blue building in Covent garden still looks stunning though. (Where/what is that?)

Stef said...


North End of Neal Street, between Covent Garden and Seven Dials. Far too trendy a locale for me - I was lost.