Friday, January 07, 2005

A moment of quiet and tasteful reflection

It never fails - make a couple of posts with words like iPod and Wang in them, as I have done recently, and watch the hits roll in.
Sadly, few if any of these visitors stay for more than a few seconds though

I'm not complaining. I have had decent levels of traffic into this blog over the last few weeks, largely due to a referral from Alexa and her New York Escort Confessions page …

I must write and say thank you at some point. I think she was ensnared by my original gratuitous use of the word iPod in a blog posting title and was then favourably impressed by my picture of a rock that looked like a tadger in New Zealand. Well, it is quite an impressive hunk of limestone.
Thanks also to those who've left positive comments over the last few months. I've reciprocated by linking to your sites on my blogroll which should hopefully help a little with the search engine listings. Apologies if I haven’t left much in the way of feedback on your own blogs. I do read them but normally after I've made my own postings and feeling spent, comment-wise.

Anyway, New Year's resolutions for this blog …

  • Shorter posts, partly because people prefer shorter posts but mostly because I should be doing something more productive with my time
  • Less heavy thinking and more gratuitous use of lavatorial humour to retain the casual visitor
  • More pictures of limestone outcrops that look like human anatomy


Geek's Girl said...

Stef, I like that I have something interesting and time consuming to read here, please don't change that.

Oh wait, you were being sarcastic.

You were being sarcastic, weren't you?

Stef said...

Oooh, stop it I feel all embarrassed now.

Actually, I was being ironic, which admittedly is much the same as sarcasm as far as I'm concerned, but doesn't sound quite so mean and a little more refined.

But, I did flick through my recent blogs earlier today and realised that they were getting quite long again and focusing largely on heavy, philosophical stuff which bores 99% of people rigid. As evidenced by not many people staying for very long even after being lured into visiting my blog.

I have ideas in my head which I feel impelled to communicate. I'm not saying that they are any more valid than other people's thoughts but I am a driven man. And it's possible that I may be able to communicate those ideas more effectively if they are concealed beneath pictures of rocks that look like tadgers.

So, this week, as an experiment and for a limited time only, less philosophy and more wang ;-)