Monday, September 12, 2011

7/7: Crime & Prejudice

Tom Secker's sequel to his 7/7 film 'Seeds of Deconstruction' is now up and running on Youtube...

and, like Secker's first video, it's littered with nuggets which have been the stock in trade of the J7 Forum and J7 Inquest blog but not covered in any other 7/7 film...

The Walsall Anarchists, the Aldwych bus bombing
, a comprehensive summary of the numerous acts of pre-conditioning aired by the BBC prior to 7/7, the possiblity of false trails of breadcrumbs laid for 'truthers'...

This is a film which pushes no theories of its own but presents a mass of reasons, and a whole lot of context, for doubting the Official 7/7 Narrative. Unlike state-friendly tosh like 7/7 Ripple Effect, you'll never see the BBC attempting a hit piece on the opinions expressed in this film because they are just too well supported. Come to think of it, until 15 or 20 years ago, the BBC used to occasionally put out documentaries just like it

No doubt, 7/7: Crime and Prejudice will be a little too nuanced, open-minded and facty for some but that's no criticism at all. Far from it


Tony Mach said...

Regarding the BBC documentary: First of all, Gladio was a long time ago. That was the dark ages, today, everything is different, today, we are civilized. And secondly it was in Italy! This terror could never happen anywhere else! It was done by a secret Italian NATO army that – well, there are not secret NATO armies in the UK. This couldn't happen in the UK. Because. Case closed. Nothing to report for the BBC.

Stef said...

Of course, the two most common 'arguments' used against the possibility that 9/11 or 7/7 may have been acts of state-sponsored terror are

1. Such a conspiracy would have to be enormous and involve hundreds or thousands of people

2. 'Are you suggesting that the government would slaughter its 'own' citizens?!!'

The P2 membership list included the names of 962 senior officials of all branches of the Italian establishment

P2 was also implicated in the slaughter of 85 of its 'own' people in Bologna Train Station in 1980 (plus many, many more terrorist acts)

Your point about this kind of business only being restricted to wops and greasers is well taken

My take, being of wop/ greaser ancestry, is that it shows that wops/ greasers have, in some ways, better checks and balances in their system as some of the perps were actually exposed and prosecuted

gyg3s said...

"...Gladio was a long time ago."


What makes you think it isn't still ongoing?

Nobody talks about it though, at least they don't when you send them a Freedom of Information request.

craggy said...

Thanks for this link, Stef. Very much looking forward to watching it soon. I expect it is another piece of high quality amateur political documentary making.

I've been loving your recent posts - some great stuff. One idea, how about linking to some of your favourite, most popular or most commented on previous posts for those who've never read them. As a relative newcomer to your fine blog I'm sure there are loads of earlier posts I would enjoy greatly, if only I could find them.

Many thanks, as ever.

paul said...

that two hours fairly flew by.

rob said...

great documentary.

Someone said this to me on a forum

"You're a fucking moron Bob.
Relish in your stupidity.
You have also proved what a waste of time you are, as far as "opinion", "belief", "thought", and even "existence" is.
You should be embarrassed to be "you", you should apologize to any family you have, for being "you", and you should apologize to the rest of the world for believing the things you do.

Actually Bob, the Universe has just called, and it's demanding it's Atoms back, because it doesn't want you associated with the Big Bang in the slightest, the universe would rather deny your existence, and just "MOVE ON.ORG" away from you."

because I posted this link.
9/11: EXPLOSIVE TESTIMONY EXCLUSIVE - - Mark Basile Chemical Engineer - YouTube

they hate it when you smack them in the face with logical thought.

Anonymous said...

Ultimately lame documentary, still clinging to the unsupported theory that 52 people died on JulySeventh, why he doesn't expose the simple fact that the majority of 'victims' never, ever existed. This Fact will assist the public in understanding the falseflag psyop, the death toll is a major cognitive breezeblock to accepting 7/7 was contrived by the 'government' and not perpetrated by 'suicidebombers'.

Stef said...

Ah, a No Bodies™ theorist

Well, it makes a change

Personally, in the absence of any due process or convictions, I usually refer to 56 people

And one notion I most certainly am not clinging onto is the thought that the people who plan these outrages give a toss about minimising actual casualties

Do you actually have anything to back up your suspicion? And if so in what way would that work against calls for a full, open and independent public investigation into 7/7?

Nick Festerstrom said...

There will be no significant breakthrough in 7/7 Truth until the majority of the British public come to realise that the No.30 bus in Tavistock Square was in fact a hologram

Bridget said...

For some clues closer in time and space than Gladio:

If Hurst's estimates are accurate his statement also shows the extent to which all paramilitary organisations – including the most professional group, the Provisional IRA – were penetrated by agents.

In his written evidence Hurst says: "As a rough guide you should expect one in four PIRA volunteers to be agents of one agency or another." These agencies were the RUC, Scotland Yard's special branch, the force research unit and MI5.

Hurst also claims these agencies had even more success in infiltrating the IRA's high command: "As a rough guide you should expect one in two PIRA officer class to be agents of one agency or another."

.......... In his statement Hurst says Stevens revealed earlier this year that his team had "100 tonnes of documentation". In addition Stevens noted "when you talk about intelligence, of the 210 people arrested only three were not agents".

Smithwick tribunal: Hurst evidence shines light on a covert war | World news | The Guardian

J7: 7/7 Inquests Blog: McDaid Who?

Bridget said...

Mark Allen was the MI6 agent who had facilitated Libya’s ‘rapprochement’ with the West in 2003. Saif al-Islam had led the negotiations on the Libyan side, so by 2007, the two men knew each other quite well. But by then, Allen was no longer officially employed by MI6. In 2004, he had been fast tracked by the British Cabinet Office, bypassing the usual security procedures, to work for BP (9) and in 2007, he successfully concluded a massive £15billion oil deal between BP and the Libyan government.

The Rebel Griot: Mustafa Abdul-Jalil and Mahmoud Jibril have been paving the way for NATO’s conquest since 2007

The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996) said...

Mitch: You're telling me that you're gonna fake some terrorist thing, just to scare some money out of Congress?

Leland Perkins: Well, unfortunately, Mr. Hennessey, I have no idea how to fake killing 4,000 people - so we're just gonna have to do it for real. Blame it on the Muslims, naturally. Then I get my funding.

gyg3s said...

@Bridget pointed out, "of the 210 people arrested only three were not agents"."

When the IRA started their terror campaign they went after people such as Mountbatten, towards the end: shop girls in Manchester. I wonder if there's a correlation between the targets of terrorist organisations and the extent of infiltration by Spooks (Airey Neave being the obvious outlier)?

If there isn't a correlation, let me declare, here and now that one exists.

Bridget said...

The Corbett Report | 7/7: An Historical Analysis – Tom Secker on GRTV

Anonymous said...

unrelated, but that I would share:

says it all.