Monday, November 07, 2011

Why the NWO Might Actually Win - #129 Kevin Barrett

There are two reasons why I post about some of the more, um, interesting characters who associate themselves with, for want of a better term, the cause of 7/7 Truth

The first, obviously enough, is that I believe they are fucking it up and have contributed in their own small ways to the snail's progress that has been made thus far

The second reason is that I view their antics as a case study in the trials and pitfalls which can be sprinkled in the path of 'truth movements' in general

Which gets me onto the subject of Kevin Barrett

Kevin is a leading 9/11 Truther and hosts a couple of weekly US-based radio shows/ podcasts

Kevin is a big chum of Jim Fetzer. That's the same Jim Fetzer who appeared on the BBC last September explaining that the 9/11 wreckage on the Pentagon lawn was dumped there from a C130 transport circling overhead

Cheers Jim

Kevin has taken a keen interest in the subject of 7/7 and has conducted numerous interviews with leading (sic.) 7/7 researchers

Curiously enough, Kevin's personal list of 'leading 7/7 researchers' coincides 100% with my personal list of 'dodgy, dubious and pointless 7/7 researchers'

Through his tireless promotion of some of the shonkiest 7/7 material out there, Kevin (along with Jolly Jim Fetzer) has contributed in no small part to the absolutely woeful, often plain incorrect, understanding of 7/7 displayed by the average US truther

Cheers Kev

Anyway, Kevin has interviewed Muad'dib several times since 7/7 Ripple Effect appeared and, last week, slapped up a blog post promoting Muad'dib's latest film the day before it was released.

Kevin also interviewed Muad'dib ahead of the release of the new film

The interview was Comedy Gold and I'm going to post a link to the best segment after supplying a few listener's background notes which will hopefully enhance the experience...
  • Kevin is a practicing Muslim
  • Curiously, in his previous interviews with Kevin, Muad'dib had neglected to mention that he was Christ or that Muslims are adhering to a Satanic faith

  • Equally curiously, even though Kevin has praised Muad'dib's truth seeking efforts on numerous occasions he has clearly never visited Muad'dib's websites

  • Even though Kevin was happy to promote Muad'dib's new video on his blog he obviously hadn't watched it first (that's the video where Muad'dib tells the world he is the Messiah and warns the viewers that they can either follow Muad'dib or burn). Kevin will have presumably watched that video by now, but only after broadcasting this interview where Kevin says that Muad'dib is 'basically barking up the right tree'

  • The highpoints in the following clip imho include Muad and Kevin exchanging banter about how strange it was that the prosecution shot itself in the foot during Muad'dib's trial ('actually, it makes you wonder if someone on the prosecution team was covertly on your side'), a brief exchange about Tony Farrell, Muad'dib explaining how he's rewritten and merged the Torah, the New Testament and the Koran ('The King of Kings'), and Muad'dib explaining that the problem with the Koran is that it's in Arabic, not English, plus several other choice nuggets including a wee hint that Muslims are Satan worshippers
If you follow 7/7 scepticism at all or just want to hear a leading US Truther make a complete turnip of himself on air, the following clip will be 12 minutes moderately well spent...

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic


Stef said...

and PS, if haven't linked to this already, this conversation about 7/7 and related issues between James Corbett and Tom Secker...

7/7: An Historical Analysis – Tom Secker on GRTV a good example of the kind of well researched, well reasoned analysis of 7/7 which seems to have passed Kevin B right by

Anonymous said...

great posts as usual Stef.

KingofWelshNoir said...

Not to worry, mate, it will be 11/11/11 in couple of days, we'll have a brand new false flag op to worry about.