Friday, November 18, 2011

Mainstream Conspiraloons #204 James Delingpole

Until recently, the single greatest contribution made to public discourse by Daily Telegraph columnist and professional tory irritant about town, James Delingpole, has been to help polarise the debate about alleged Anthropogenic Global Warming along conventional Right vs Left lines; making it a whole lot easier for the average Jane or Joe on the street to adopt a position on AGW without having to know or think very much about the scientific basis for AGW at all

Left Wing = AGW proponent. Right Wing = Denier. Simples

And when it comes to economic or foreign policy matters James can be most succinctly described as an almost perfect Melanie Phillips clone, but with a cock (though I am making unsubstantiated morphological assumptions here)

James Delingpole

That was until James' most recent column on the subject of the Goldman's coup currently underway in Western Europe...

"...We need to find common ground here, I think – those of us who believe (as the Occupy crowd do) that the current crisis is caused by the failure of capitalism and those of us who believe (as I do) that it is caused by the failure of corporatism, welfarism and – ultimately – the fiat money system. While we are busy being distracted by our particular ideological hobby horses, we are being shafted by a political bankster corporatist elite which doesn't give a stuff about us because we are the little people and we are of no consequence to the New World Order they wish to impose on us.

Beware the Vampire Squid: whether you are on the Left or the Right it will feast on your blood and suck you dry all the same."

My oh my, how those corporate journalists enjoy bashing internet-based conspiraloonery, yet are gradually finding themselves drawn to the language of net-based loondom as their own lexicon becomes less and less capable of describing the shit that's going down

though, obviously, James wouldn't want the Little People to become too focused on the crimes of the Big People at the expense of those distractive ideological hobby horses as, let's be honest here, they're a nice little earner


KingofWelshNoir said...

I agree. I read the Delingpole article and thought, Huh? New World Order? Fiat Money? In the Telegraph? Alex Jones should sue for copyright infringement. He'll be talking about Chemtrails and Nanothermite next.

numeral said...

He sounds as if he lost his shirt when GF Global went down.

Stef said...

Now you mention it, yes he does

I hadn't thought that maybe JD had received a dose of Truth Serum in the form of a financial suppository

I'm getting rusty in my declining years

Stef said...

...What I suspect is going on in the minds of JD and his class is that, slowly by slowly, the penny is dropping that the 'wealth' they thought they had been building up over the last 10,15,20 years is next on the chopping block

It's just hanging there ripe for the taking

So when people like JD talk about finding common cause he's talking about joining together to fight to maintain the status quo

Not happening dude. The same Vampire Squid which is closing in on JD and his peers is the same Vampire Squid which set them up for a reaming in the first place

Stef said...

... The Squid giveth and the Squid shall take it away

paul said...

The creator of the vampire squid 'meme', matt taibi, has been a tireless hammer of conspiracy theory.

All the while Regularly refusing to synthesise.

He presents it as a law and order problem, but that is he can't see beyond the current order.

The Anchovy Fish said...
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Anonymous said...

^ Balls, wrong comment thread. Moderator!?!

WV: Fixare

Anonymous said...

Ta! You can delete this and the previous 'please fix' comment too as you wish.

Anonymous said...

On a slight tangent, I see the impending changes to housing allowance (or landlord benefit as Stef calls it) threaten to leave me homeless.

Guess I'd better think of another revenue stream because conventional work isn't paying the bills...

Of course, since the majority are yet to find themselves turfed out (thanks to government protection of mortgages) they don't "get it". Other people are mere numbers, or even parasites taking their precious taxes and pouring it down the gutter (er, I mean giving it back to the middle class via Sky, Tesco etc).

CS said...

When those who speak for the elite acknowledge that things aren't quite for the absolute best in this the best possible of all globalized plutocritic worlds, it may have more to do with a change in strategy than any change in the personal perception of the mouthpiece.

When the American middle class have lost 40% of their net worth in the last few years, and 23% of Spain's workforce is unemployed, it looks kind of silly to pretend that nothing is amiss.

One way to deal with the problem is to adopt the cause of revolutionaries, while promising that the system can be tweaked to solve all problems.

A couple of recent efforts in this direction include:

Michael J. Casey's book: "Unfair Trade: How our broken global financial system destroys the middle class". Casey, a Fox News and WSJ guy, tells us that globalization, "is an unstoppable train" but it can be fixed for the benefit of all.

And just to be clear where he stands on the big issues, he states in Chapter 1, the New York skyline is the "preeminent icon of American power" and 9/11 was the work of a group that "detested that power." So, OK, our elite may be a little inept, but we'll muddle through and defeat the terrorists in the end.

Economics Nobel Prize Winner, Joe Stiglitz seems to go the same route with his latest book "The Price of Inequality: How Today's Divided Society Endangers Our Future." But as with Casey, he's quick to align himself with the MSM narrative of World events, assuring us in Chapter 1 that the Egyptian revolution was a spontaneous democratic uprising. So yeah, Stiggy is OK

B said...

Stef, where TF are you??