Thursday, November 17, 2011

That does not compute

I can't quite put my finger on what it is exactly but something about Deek Jackson's Conspiracy Clown project suggests to me, in the gentlest of ways, that Deek is currently tussling with the teensy weensiest of logical paradoxes

Deek appears to be suggesting that anyone who gets angry when someone disagrees with them is a dick. He appears to be quite angry that people behave like this

Fans of Star Trek will recognise this as being the same strategy William Shatner routinely used to destroy otherwise impregnable machine intelligences through force of paradoxical argument alone

Human intelligence is, of course, clearly superior to machine intelligence as it is (usually) more than capable of processing contradictory data with the aid of contradictory beliefs, without melting or destroying any mining colonies

As it happens I agree with what Deek is trying to say (which is why I'm posting his video) but he comes out with almost as much bullshit as many of the truthers he's criticising, and he defends his bullshit just as aggressively as they defend theirs


paul said...

I've just watched that twice, and I don't understand a word of it.
If deek (who have never been aware of up to this point) is trying to tell me something,what is the thing?

Stef said...

DJ produces the FKN News which I, and others who pass by here, have enjoyed on occasions

Recently, however, he has introduced his viewers to 'Conspiracy Clown' and some very mixed messages

He's clearly suffering from a reaction to the incessant bollocks that permeates the conspirasphere; a sensation I admit to feeling on several occasions myself

However, surprise surprise, his list of 'good' conspiracy theories is not exactly the same as mine, or anyone else's

I posted a comment pointing out that getting angry with people who get angry with people who disagree with them was a strange message to be putting out

Deek's reply was...


Stef said...

Deek was responsible for this...

911's A lie - But who gives Fuck

which counts for a lot in my book

paul said...

I would cautiously suggest he's suffering from recognition syndrome, a terrible reversal of social norms where people ,your friends and neighbours start talking the wierd talk without walking the weird walk.

The Anchovy Fish said...

Derek 'Deek' Jackson also gave us the raised, clenched, left fist on national news as he stood behind Gordon BrNWO's more-of-the-same narrative announcement at the 2010 'elections'.

It made me smile at the time.

Stef said...

DJ also gave the world this...

Illegal Drugs Bullshit

When the Conspiraloon Alliance finally triumphs and gets to write the books, history will look kindly upon him