Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Qui Breivik?

The evidence that last week's massacre in Norway involved something more than a lone nutcase is starting to stack up...

- The possible involvement of multiple gunmen
- Ridiculously slow police response time
- The police knowing the gunman's name when they arrived
- The 'media package which emerged immediately after the shootings - including a dubious 1,500 page manifesto, suitably incriminating Facebook account and high quality portraits and photos of the gunman dressed up in a variety of deranged costumes like some kind of White Nationalist Action Man

Anders Behring Breivik posing with some chums

and so on and so on

So, yes, there are plenty of reasons to suspect 'dark actors playing games' behind the scenes

And if the profile of the gunman, as being woven by the corporate media, were that of a Muslim fanatic or a lone Internet-obsessed conspiranoid I'd acknowledge that at least some of the analyses I'm seeing in the alternative media were internally consistent and credible

However, it's a little different this time

The ideology being implicated on this occasion is the kind of anti-Islamist, White Nationalist, pro-Zionist brew which up till now the 'dark actors playing games' have been working like bastards to cultivate around the world

When ghastly characters like 'Lionhart' and Melanie Phillips, people who've spent years bigging up the TERROR!! threat in support of their ideologies, feel obliged to distance themselves from an act of terrorism I personally conclude that something unusual is going on

You don't have to do much digging to establish that the EDL and other European White Nationalist groups are Zionist funded and often quite open about their solidarity with the state of Israel

My take is that if Melanie Phillips is wetting her knickers about something the chances are that it's not that good for Zionism

Melanie Phillips - The answer to the question 'Do you want to see something *really* scary?'

However, the fact that this mass murder places Zionist-associated ideologies firmly into the frame has done nothing to prevent many on-line conspiranauts posing the question 'Cui bono?' and responding 'The Zionists'

This is a belief system I've been criticising
repeatedly in recent posts - the conviction that 'The Jews' are responsible for every event of malevolent significance in the world. A presumption nurtured by a willingness to cherry pick evidence and bend thought to gratify that belief system

It is on the increase in many of the sites that I visit, in readers' comments if not in the posts, and it's fucking up clear, critical thinking

It is no accident that the corporate media persistantly go out of their way to depict conspiracy theorists as people motivated by racial or religious agendas. Racial and religious based belief systems are easily ridiculed and, not to put too fine a point on it, they have a boundless capacity to piss people off. Well thought out, politically-based points of view are a much tougher proposition


Edo said...

I'm surprised nobody has commented on your article...

Some bloggers have made some astute observations regarding this story, here's just two that I found worth a read...

Why the West Can’t Resist This Norway Massacre Psy-Op

Norway's 9/11: The Horror Is In The Message

Stef, as you know, I have a lot of respect for your writing and no wish to offend you personally. I do wonder though if this recent determination you have for calling out anti-Zionists has somewhat tempered your own critical thinking.

I am not of the opinion that one 'group' is responsible for the world's ills, but I do believe some self declared Zionists are right in the thick of it.

For what its worth, Vincent Salandria had a good take on the JFK assassination and those responsible, "The tyranny of power is here. Current events tell us that those who killed Kennedy can only perpetuate their power by promoting social upheaval both at home and abroad. And that will lead not to revolution but repression. I suggest to you, my friend, that the interests of those who killed Kennedy now transcend national boundaries and national priorities. No doubt we are dealing now with an international conspiracy. We must face the fact -- not waste any more time microanalyzing the evidence. That's exactly what they want us to do. They have kept us busy for so long. And I will bet, buddy, that is what will happen to you. They'll keep you very, very busy and eventually, they'll wear you down."

I'm feeling pretty worn down.

Stef said...


It's late and I'm pretty worn down too so I'll keep this brief

I've started criticizing a certain mindset, here and elsewhere, because it is begining to seriously screw up analysis and commentary in swathes of the alternative media

As with the alleged evidence of Israeli complicity in 7/7, much of the 'evidence' which supposedly proves Israel carried out the atrocity in Norway is nothing of the sort...

Norway doesn't get along with Israel. So what? Dozens of other countries don't either

There was a terror drill in Oslo only a few days before the bomb? Again, so what? Terror drills happen all the time and it's not as if this one was on the same day as the real bombing

None of it, so far anyway, stacks up

I am completely unashamed about calling out bullshit analysis and reasoning like this as being the junk it is and if that means no-one reads or comments on what I am saying because that's not what they want to hear then so be it

Stef said...

As for whether my capacity for critical thought is impaired or not, that's always a possibility

However, cast an eye along the comments underneath this recent Aangirfan post and ask yourself who's away with the fairies - the people pointing out that the Breivik thing is actually terrible news for Zionists or the ones blathering on about the Khazars?

And the Brievik thing followed hot on the heels of the NOTW hacking scandal - even more terrible news for Zionists

WTF is that all about if 'The Jews' control the media and parliamentary system as totally as certain conspiranoids assert they do?

All sorts of things are blowing up in the Zionists' faces right now. However, many conspiranauts are missing this on account of being prisoners to the belief that 'The Jews' are responsible for everything, even stuff which blows up in their faces

cheers for the links, I'll catch up on them tomorrow


Stef said...

... not so brief in the end

Bridget said...

This article sums up many of the issues that Stef has highlighted in recent blog posts.

Murdochgate, Islamophobia and the killings in Norway - Arab News

Like Chinese whispers the Internet spreads such bullshit as:

Also if there is a real concern for terrorism why was Anthony John Hill taken to court for making a documentary called "Ripple Effect" which questions the official government narrative for 7/7? Incidentally Hill won the case.

Tony Farrell, a “Principal Intelligence Analyst” who had been working for 12 years for South Yorkshire Police was sacked from his post after he found evidence that there was no Muslim terrorist threat and that 7/7 was “deliberately engineered”

SO Muad was jailed for making 7/7 RE?

Farrell found evidence? (We wish he had, given his position in a Yorkshire policeforce!)

Followed by this:

Murdoch, though born in Australia is an Israeli citizen and Jewish.

As someone who never believes anything without first going to the source I had a dig around for evidence that Murdoch is Jewish and despite finding thousands upon thousands of 'alternative' media sites repeating this claim could find no other sources. Then I stumbled upon:


There is of course no doubt that Murdoch is pro-Zionist and a supporter of Israel, but then throw this into the mix and current events become more nuanced and complex:

The Murdochs and the Middle East | The Spectator

The elder Murdoch, writes Campbell, "was at one point putting the traditional very right-wing view on Israel and the Middle East peace process and James said that he was ‘talking f****** nonsense.'

"[Rupert] Murdoch said he didn't see what the Palestinians' problem was and James said that it was that they were kicked out of their f****** homes and had nowhere to f****** live' " records Campbell.A contrite James then apologised for swearing at the Prime Minister's dinner table -- but he did not resile from the sentiments of his pro-Palestinian outburst.

It would be quite a shift if the Murdoch papers became pro-Palestinian -- and a matter for grave concern among the pro-Israeli lobby. But maybe there's a crumb of comfort: the new editor of The Times, James Harding, is Jewish. Even so, the days of Murdoch's London papers' slavish support for Israel would seem to be over.

Salandria of course was right, as Global Capitalism does transcend national boundaries, but that doesn't mean a 'global elite' control everything as Global Capitalists are willing to cut each others throats as they are to conspire together.

There are also protest movements of the Arab and Jewish poor (of which there are many) in Israel which could well unite them in common struggle:

In sober and segregated Jaffa, poor turn to protest - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

As for Oslo, on cue we have Anjem Choudhary doing his bit to fulfil the Breivik/EDL sterotype of the mad Islamist imposing Sharia law in 'Western democracies'. Race war anyone?

Anjem Choudary and Islamic extremists set up Sharia law zones in UK cities | Mail Online

Stef said...

The origins of the Rupert 'Mordecai' is Jewish fable are accounted for in part during a recent podcast on the Kevin Barrett show (2nd hour) where Jeff Blankfort explains that he originally put Murdoch's name on a (pre-internet) list of Jewish media moguls he had compiled but then subsequently took the name off when he discovered that wasn't the case

Blankfort appeared on Barrett's show to counter some of the poop that Veterans Today editor Gordon Duff has been churning out, including the 'fact' that Murdoch, the head of MI6 (John Sawyers) and MI5 (Jonathan Evans) are all Jewish

Duff has it on good authority from a source within British intelligence that Murdoch is a practicing Jew and attends synagogue in London regularly, skullcap and all

Nick Kollerstrom is now a regular contributor to Veterans Today

Stef said...

...or how about another recent podcast where Mark Glenn and Keith Johnson bewail the fact that their beloved 'anti-Zionist' movement has totally fucked the duck with the Breivik thing and repeat the point I've been making that the Norway atrocity is a bad thing for Zionism and therefore highly unlikely that it was a Israeli false flag op...

The Ugly Truth - Aug 2, 2011

Glenn, like Barrett, is on my 'McCarthyite' list of OTT anti-Zionists and even they are starting to realise their 'movement' has got its head up its own arse

Anonymous said...

Stef, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on the recent riots in East London (specifically the protest-turned-violence over the shooting of Mark Duggan).

It does smell of another De Menezes style shooting so far, and the usual commentators have seized on it to reinforce the police state...

Stef said...

As it happens I'm currently in North London and strolled over to check out the devastation at Wood Green. Not being a great fan of Wood Green it struck me as an improvement

I know I haven't been much of a conspiraloon of late but it could be that the Mark Duggan shooting was a plain old police fuck/ cover up with no covert intention of kicking things off

We're heading into a time now where there'll be no need to employ staged events or agent provocatuers

There are an awful lot of alienated, broke, expectation-free people out there. Combine that with frequent, ever-more brazen, reminders that the rich get to take what they want under the protection of the state and the question becomes 'Why not break into JD Sports?'

Anonymous said...

Couldn't see much from this side of London, perhaps I should go have a look myself.

It is amusing how many holier than thou types came out of the woodwork to post the same old shit on the internet about "welfare queens" and the inherent criminality of black folk...

Stef said...

There is a tie-in with the Breivik situation, in that subsequent to 9/11 and reinvigorated Clash of Civilisations narrative the white nationalist crowd stopped seeing Black people everywhere, ganging up to rape their women and mongrelise their sacred race, and started seeing Muslims everywhere, ganging up to rape their women and mongrelise their sacred race

As it happens, from what I saw and heard this weekend a veritable rainbow coalition of individuals from all sorts of backgrounds were getting stuck into liberating useless, slave-produced tat

And that's the most depressing thing about this business for me personally. The irresistable lure of junk

Forget tear gas, water canon or directed sound energy weapons. A couple of pallets of Nikes will take a British mob's mind off things nicely

Anonymous said...

Well, like it or not, an economy requires consumption of some form or it ceases to exist in any meaningful sense. Supply-side economics has been an utter failure.

Obviously I'm not suggesting the current model should continue - far from it. I support the classical\Georgist market model, not the monetarist zero-sum one that seems to dominate right now.

As an example, without people having PCs or laptops for me to repair, my livelihood is not possible and I'm stuck trying to find work in non-existent\burned out retail stores...

Stef said...

I appreciate that I am linking to a photo that's already been round the houses and back but - body butter and computer games FFS

I would've thought in a society where people weren't manipulated into buying a new ipad every 18 months repair and maintenance skills would be in greater demand

There's plenty of need for certain kinds of stuff in this world but if it was made in the quantity that people needed where would the fun in being rich be?

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'll bite...

There is some demand - most sensible people (ie working class ones on a budget) I get a fair amount of business from. A lot of the parts I use are from ex-corporate skips.

I don't have the advertising clout or the manpower of DSGi though. Of course there are plenty of Indians who can do the phone\web thing cheaper on me because they're not paying London rents.

As for being rich, well the money's in energy monopoly, pharmaceuticals, war, fractional reserve banking and other such "protected" fields. I'm sure the looters realised that trying to make an honest living in the UK is utterly futile a lot of the time.

Anonymous said...

Well, it seems the rioting has spread to other parts of London and Birmingham as well...

I find it interesting that only a small number of police are deployed, compared to the G20 protests.

Stef said...

Again, I'm being a rubbish conspiraloon but I think it's possible that the police may be genuinely overwhelmed tonight

Which is why things have started kicking off all over the place - Ealing, Camden, Chalk Farm, Woolwich, Clapham, Croydon...

And, returning to a theme I've been harping on about a lot lately, I've already seen the first conspiranoid website hypothesising that the riots may be a intelligence-agency organised false flag operation

The Alternative Media - now certifiably just as shit as the Corporate media

Stef said...

... there are, of course, several possible reasons why the police are currently being over-run:

- it's deliberate
- crap management
- a large portion of the available units are being used to shield nobber parts of town
- they've decided that people are more important than property and are maintaining a non confrontational approach, unless there is a threat to life and limb
- the police have lost the consent and support of local population

or, as I usually suspect, some irreduceable combination of all or several of the above

Anonymous said...

Which website would that be? I apologise if you don't want to bring attention to it though.

Stef said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Never read it.

Stef said...

there again, I suppose those kids I saw looting the Carphone Warehouse in Cockfosters earlier this evening could have been Mossad

Stef said...

"Never read it"

quite a few conspiranauts do

google is your friend

(I'll be pulling the reference to it shortly)

Bridget said...

Jakarta - Tottenham

Connecting the dots, no matter the distance.

Stef said...

Connecting the dots, no matter the distance

Indeed, The Conspiraloon Alliance mantra

Meanwhile, I've been mulling over what backing track would work best with the inevitable video montages of tonight's festivities

For obvious reasons, I've been thinking of a homage to this video of Proud by Heather Small

Anonymous said...

Hello Ms Dunne, good of you to join us. It's going to be a long night...

Stef said...

We'll be running a sweepstake later

Stef said...

Rumour has it that the Met are using the latest in sophisticated web-based AI to identify upcoming trouble spots

Anonymous said...

Some pure gold coming out of responses to the riots:

"They are understaffed and underpaid for what they do.

Add to that the fact that if they do something, there are 5000 lawyers waiting to jump on them and exacerbate lies that the chav scum 'victims' will dribble out of their neanderthal mouths.

It is a lose-lose situation for the Police."

Quality stand up material there.

Stef said...

and the award for the funniest journalism of the evening must go to the reporter from CNN who braved the Morrisons at Peckham in a flak jacket and helmet