Thursday, May 10, 2007

The most romantic borough in London?

The very romantic, boobie-shaped, Kennington Tube station

I find myself, in spite of the fact that I was born here, always knocking Lambeth and saying what a crap hole it is.

And that makes me sad.

Particularly because, in spite of my best efforts, I'm still living here.

So hats of to Kennington Underground station in Lambeth for being the second most romantic tube station in the London Underground network. A four year survey found that Kennington station has the second highest odds for people becoming lovestruck with fellow passengers. Which is enough to leave even the most hardened Lambeth cynic feeling all warm 'n' fuzzy inside (and a pleasant contrast to Stockwell station, also in Lambeth, where you run the highest odds of being shot in the face nine times by anonymous paramilitaries).

and in completely unrelated news, Lambeth has also recently been found to be the worst 'sex attack hotspot' in the Capital over the last five years...

So, one way or another, if you're looking for a spot of rumpy pumpy this is definitely the place to be



shhexycorin said...

Thanks for the sex-attack tips!

Most informative. When can I visit?

Stef said...

Hello stranger,

Mi Lambeth es su Lambeth

You know that you are welcome any time

I'll make breakfast...

Stef said...

the best part of that link I posted above is the 'Report an Inappropriate Contribution' button

The mind boggles...