Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Return of the Hamburglar

In spite of my better judgement I can’t help myself and I have to return to a subject I alluded to yesterday.

Several bloggers have already attempted to write objective accounts of what is going on, including this one here and here (edit: OK, the author of Link #2 has just fessed up to a soupçon
of subjectivity)

The short version of the story is that two British bloggers have been involved in a protracted and personalised dispute which has now culminated in a full-on virtual, and not so virtual, campaign against one of the bloggers.

Including some pretty vile, anonymous 'tribute' sites mimicking that person's blog

So, what's the deal here - are people really trying to get her to top herself?

Personally, I don't give a damn which one of the protagonists is 'right' or 'wrong' and I'm only commenting now because this corrosive nonsense is being willfully spread beyond their individual blogs.

God knows why, the bulk of British political and activist blogs are so fucking lame, but our current Government and mainstream media are obsessed with blogs. Did I say obsessed? Hate is the nearer the mark. I suspect that this is more to do with the future potential of blogs in the UK rather than their actual impact today; particularly once more people stop being Muppets and start to realise that all the shit that’s going down wasn’t Blair-specific after all. Whatever the reason, there are fuckers out there just itching to impose control on freedom of expression on-line...

The Internet was a mistake and now They want to rectify that mistake

"We can't very well have our products turning against us"

And, whether by accident or design, this current cyber-witch hunt is playing right into Their hands

This campaign is plain nasty and if it helps to establish a trend it threatens to provoke a blow-back that might impinge on the freedom of expression of all UK bloggers

I ask anyone who is currently participating in this nonsense to think very carefully about what they are doing and ask themselves if it is behaviour that they can be in some way proud of. I submit that it isn't

And given the relatively small circulation of this blog, I ask anyone bumping into this post who subsequently bumps into another blog that is taking part in this nonsense to at least think about asking the author if they've really thought through what the fuck they are doing.

NB All wanky emails threatening or disingenuously alluding to legal action can be sent to the address at the top of this page. At which point I will reproduce them in full on this blog and print off copies on nice soft paper so that I can wipe my arse with them.


lwtc247 said...

LOL. I hope the good sense your trying to slap into these people, who really, SHOULD KNOW BETTER!!! prevails.

Re: my post being objective, very kind of you, but I feel I must confess I was actually being more critical towards Rachel and the pack that follow her. Their actions saw to that!

But the criticism was I believe, fair.

Cheers Stef.

Stef said...

Fair point, even though I said 'attempt' to be objective, your admission demands that, objectively, I'm going to have to edit the wording a little

cheers to yourself

Shahid said...

murmurs of approval from the brown corner...

paul said...

The Internet was a mistake and now They want to rectify that mistake

Reminds of dick jones explaining things to robocop:

We can't very well have our products turning against us

Stef said...

I'm so busted

Stef said...

Have I mentioned my theory that between them Paul Verhoven's sci-fi films (Robocop / Total Recall / Starship Troopers) contain more insight into how the world really works than anything else ever made

I probably have somewhere

lwtc247 said...

(edit: OK, the author of Link #2 has just fessed up to a soupçon of subjectivity)

LOL. Yes, that is fair. Thanks again. I'm enjoying getting familiar with your blog, a fine nourishing blend of emotions to spur on the heart and mind.

Gotta dash. Cheerio.

Stef said...

Post now updated to include more Dick Jones - I couldn't help myself...

paul said...

Its the magic combination of verhoven and ed neumeier (he's the writer and stars as the convict sentenced to death on tv in s. troopers)that hits the target for me.

Channel 4 had one of their cut and paste evening fillers devoted to the 100 greatest war films and starship troopers was nowhere to be seen, the cine-illiterate shower of cunts.

and no, I wasn't aware of your theory, but you will find no argument here.

paul said...

What was thinking the other magic ingredient is basil pouledouris' soundtracks to RCOP and ST

Stef said...

Fact: All household chores are much more fun if done with the ST theme playing in the background

Shahid said...

My ex-wife didn't understand my passion for Starship Troopers.

It was when she questioned my purchase of the DVD at the knock-down price of £5 that I realised with brutal finality that the marriage was over.

Stef said...

Space Fascism is the best...

paul said...

I realised with brutal finality that the marriage was over.

A clear cut case of irreconcilable differences

Jon Doy said...

agreed about Verhoven's stuff, but...

our 'cops' are looking increasingly Robo

air is dangerously close to being metered out as in Total Recall

and i cannot help the feeling that for many, the space fascism is actually subconsciously appealing, whether that was the intention or not i don't know, but the uniforms are oh so crisp looking, and having futuristic promiscuous sorts with perfect breasts engaging in master race sex with everyone and anyone are so very appealing

my only hope is that RoboCop and Starship Troopers are not one day considered to be historical documentaries

and what the fuck was Starship Troopers2 all about ? (i know, it wasn't PV's fault)

Stef said...

Where else but the sacred works of Verhoven can you find biting social comment and perky breasts?

...and dismemberment. Lots and lots of dismemberment

The single best part of Starship Troopers is how anyone who shows the slightest trace of humanity gets their brain sucked out or disembowled. Only the purest and most Aryan of the main characters make it to the upbeat ending

Sheer fucking genius.