Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pyramid Spotting with Stanley K

(edit: the following post refers to a couple of Youtube videos that are now currently not available. I dropped their author a line to ask him what's happened to them but in the meantime here's a link to the narration that goes with the vids - it's a poor substitute

edit2: the video is now back - see my post here)

And whilst on the subjects of the CIA, Mind Control, Scientologists, State-sponsored terror, the New World Order and images filched from Stanley Kubrick movies (in the last post)…

Now would be a good time to link to an analysis of A Clockwork Orange produced and uploaded onto Youtube by a seriously committed Kubrick fan (Part1, Part2)

Kubrick's track record for weaving subversive messages, often subliminal messages, into big budget, mainstream Hollywood movies; from Spartacus to Dr Strangelove to A Clockwork Orange, is a stonking achievement. And it's no surprise that he spent most of his life completely out of his tree with paranoia and chose to live in a castle.

(OK, maybe not a castle, but definitely a big fuck off house with lots of security)

As with anything produced by anyone, the Youtube analysis of Clockwork Orange does need to be taken with a pinch of salt. However, if you like Kubrick and if you like insane elitist symbolism hidden in plain view amongst us you’ll absolutely fucking love this.

My favourite part is where the narrator takes the film’s more overt message about state manipulation of ordinary people and connects that with the less than overt symbolism scattered throughout the film; particularly the All Seeing Eye/ Pyramid thing.

You know, this kind of stuff…

Buckingham Palace vs. The Dollar Bill

Meye5 's old logo - you can say whatever you like about The Establishment but it does have a sense of humour

It’s worth bearing in mind that Kubrick was an obsessively meticulous director. Nothing appeared in his films by accident. So, it is reasonable to assume that Kubrick put all of the following imagery into A Clockwork Orange deliberately...

Clockwork Orange predates the Internet and 'Internet-fueled conspiracy theories' by a good quarter of a century...

It’s also worth having a second look at the film’s iconic publicity poster reproduced at the top of this post.

And then maybe making a point of watching the film again when you get a chance. It really was made 30 years too early



DE said...

If Brown says New World Order anymore, I expect him to be taken away in a golden submarine.

Yes its time to reread Illuminatus.

Stef said...

You're a mind reader (see next post)

Anonymous said...

Clockwork Orange youtube pieces been removed ... did you make copies? Got links?

Stef said...



I've dropped the maker of the vids a line to ask him what the problem is

They were interesting enough to merit saving but even though the thought passed my mind I didn't. A lesson learned for the future

The text of the narration is available on the author's website but it's a poor substitute