Saturday, May 26, 2007

Brace yourself for the outrage

Kate Moss modeling the latest, and surprisingly charlie-stain free, addition to the Agent Provocateur range of lingerie - ...

If they haven't done so already, Agent Provocateur fans might like to read
The Antagonist's latest post on the British Oppression - Downing Street protest that apparently is being held on 15th June. There seems to be some question about who is actually organizing it. Though you can be fairly confident that half a dozen very stereotypically Muslim looking people will turn up and do, say or wave around something shocking that the TV and newpaper outfits will lap up with enthusiastic outrage.

The same old shit from the same old suspects

And The War on Domestic Terrorism calendar for June/ July is starting to fill up nicely. There's a Summer of Love ahead of us, that's for sure



The Antagonist said...

Thanks for the link, Stef. State of Emergency? Too fucking right!

All is not entirely lost, though, and despite all appearances there are the odd lone establishment voices who see this manufactured nonsense for precisely what it is. I can't help but feel they are reliant on the rest of us to assist in the process of bringing these things to light in whatever ways we can and so, wherever possible, we must endeavour to do so.

Darcus Howe, writing about Trevor Abu Omar Brooks Izzadeen in the New Statesman, said that the “clash was staged by Reid and his cohorts at the Home Office. They organised the meeting, Abu Izzadeen was invited in advance - his performance guaranteed - and the press was alerted to film and report the confrontation.

I wonder what Mr Howe will have to say about the latest little extravaganza they have planned. In fact, I think I might email him and ask.

Also, love him or loathe him, George Galloway also raised similar questions in a letter to Herr Doktor John Reid after the same Abu Izzadeen event:

"There are only two conceivable explanations as to how this man, at this sensitive time, was allowed to hijack your Potemkin Village performance today.

Either our police and security services are so fantastically incompetent that Bin Laden himself might have slipped in to beard you at your podium. Or someone somewhere wanted to engineer precisely this confrontation to show you in a certain light and to portray the Muslims of Britain in the most aggressive violent and extreme way possible, as a justification for the utterly counter-productive policies you are following.

Which is it ?

Because, as you know, I am not a believer in conspiracy theories I am leaning towards the first explanation. If I am right then yet again the Metropolitan Police have proved almost comically incompetent. The sight of a small, slight, helmeted police officer being dwarfed by a giant ranting fanatical thug - talk about a thin blue line! - as all that stood between you and a violent attack will certainly have provided food for thought and encouragement to the country’s enemies. Yet again the justification for continuing in office of Sir Ian Blair must be called into question.

But if I am wrong, and this all turns out to have been some Nixonian “dirty tricks” operation..then of course the questions raised are much more profound and dangerous

I await your response with interest.

Spread the word! The emperor has never had any clothes and it is not a crime to say so.

Stef said...

The emperor has never had any clothes and it is not a crime to say so.

Not yet. Though having a few beers and saying what you'd like to see happen to him definitely is

The Antagonist said...

Not yet. Though having a few beers and saying what you'd like to see happen to him definitely is

That's precisely why focussing on the solution, not the problem, is the way forward. The fate of the emperor is sealed either way. ;)