Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Keyboard Macro redux

A word of follow-up on that picture of my keyboard I posted a couple of days ago with the explicit intention of grossing-out anyone stumbling onto this blog.

It seems to have achieved the desired objective
and a couple of friends have expressed concerns about receiving emails from me written on that particular, potentially infectious, object

Yes, it really is that gross in person. Actually it’s grosser. No stage make-up or special effects were used

It is, however, my lucky keyboard and even though I occasionally change the equipment attached to it I have kept hold of it for years. And, besides, I’m sort of middle-aged now and I wouldn’t even start to know where to find all the letters if I got a new one...


And whilst following-up previous posts, thanks to Tony for posting me a link to a flash animation that makes the best use of a squirrel, a penguin, Burt Reynolds and the Duelling Banjos music from Deliverance that I’ve seen this month.

A squirrel, a penguin, Burt Reynolds and some banjo music - this is what the Internet is for ... and grassroots social activism, obviously

I have a soft spot for Deliverance and have been lucky enough to visit the places where it was filmed, including Clayton, Georgia

Strangely enough the residents of Clayton don’t play up their town’s connection with an internationally-renowned film about inbred hillbilly mutant sodomists and I could find no reference to it anywhere. I was, however, pleased to see that one of Clayton’s half dozen stores did stock an extensive range of archery equipment...

And here’s my attempt at recreating Ned Beatty’s part in the film’s famous love scene by the banks of the Chattooga river…

though a strong case could be made that I didn’t need to share that. Ever

A case which hasn't weakened since I last found an excuse to post that photo

And whilst on the subject of the love scene from Deliverance my favourite quote about, not from, the film came from actor Herbert Coward when director John Boorman told him that one of the things his character was going to do was to rape a man...

Coward replied, "I've done worse"



Shahid said...

We do seem to love the same films.

As for keyboards, do you know that you can wash them apparently? (Obviously, not while they're plugged in...)

remove the keycaps, wash them good and proper in some soapy water and let them dry and you should be done. While you have the keycaps off, you might want to shake out the biscuit crumbs, cuticles and pubes that accumulate in the keyboard.

Did I say pubes?

Stef said...

Pubes, yes I remember them

Can you use coffee instead of soapy water?

Hang on a mo' ...

No, no you can't