Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Stranger than Fiction?

Today, of course, marks the launch of the new Ministry of Justice (minijust)


I appreciate that it could just be me but life in this country really is looking more and more like a really shite Orwell adaptation every day.

Maybe it is. I'm sure I saw an episode of the Twilight Zone that went like that once or maybe I'm getting mixed up with that chunk of Will Ferrell schmaltz I saw a few weeks ago. Maybe I'm not really writing this post at all

Confused now...

Spot the odd Blair out - Tony, Ian or Eric. Text A, B or C to the usual number. Outrageous call charges apply. Please ask an adult or a member of the state security apparatus before entering



Shutter said...

There are plans in the works for a Ministry of Truth but they can't find anyone who knows what it is to be the Minister.

Hazel Blears is up for the Ministry of Love if rumours round here are to be beleived.

Shutter said...

or believed even

Stef said...

Personal best typos of the past week

'general pubic..'

paul said...

Song and Dance Man...or something more sinister?

Stef said...


He's definitely in with the forces of Darkness