Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A spot of housekeeping for MI5?

Another day, another spate of terrorist arrests

including the widow of the alleged leader of the 7/7 bombings

And as The Antagonist notes there are strong, though admittedly circumstantial grounds, to question why…

  • Has it taken the police so long to decide to collar Mrs Khan aka Hassina Patel?

  • Why the security services (claim to have) stopped monitoring the Khans even though they were associated with the ‘Operation Crevice’ terror plot?

  • Why the allegedly psychotic, rabidly Islamofascist Khans kept getting invites to garden parties at Buck House and tours of the Houses of Parliament, even after being linked with the Crevice crew?

  • And last, but not least, why the security services lied about having no knowledge of Khan prior to 7/7, as well as claiming that the alleged 7/7 bombers operated as a self-contained unit with no additional support or accomplices?

From what little hard information that has made its way into the public domain it seems pretty certain that MI5 knew a lot more about the alleged 7/7 bombers than it claims to have. There is also a distinct possibility that our intelligence services have played a more ‘hands on’ role in at least some of the alleged plots than many of us would consider healthy, moral or sane.

And the argument that our security services have to keep schtum about everything they do to avoid compromising national security just doesn’t wash.

We supposedly live in a democracy and informed consent is an absolute prerequisite for democracies to work. We are not children and our government and security services are not our fucking parents. They, supposedly, serve us. And if we run higher levels of person risk in order to sustain informed consent, well, that’s price of fucking freedom.

And I want to be informed!!!

It's not an option or some airy fairy idealised concept. It's an obligation

We have been demonstrably lied to about the intelligence operations that were taking place before and after 7/7 and this needs to be dealt with.

Unfortunately, those people calling for an inquiry given most coverage in the national press seem to be starting from the assumption that our security services are fundamentally straight. They don’t seem to have any conceptual problem with an inquiry that does the same.

It could be because I don’t come from a class that has a vested, inborn stake in maintaining the underlying status quo of the way this country is run. It could be that I know enough history, in spite of the state education system and media, not to be so fucking dumb. Or it could be because I’m essentially a mistrustful bastard. Whatever the reason, I believe, I know, that there’s no way on God’s earth that any state-sanctioned inquiry into 7/7 is going to do anything to untangle the mess of spin, disinfo, misinfo and plain bullshit associated with 7/7.

But what it would do is provide more evidence of the kind of crap we are fed, day in, day out, for those with an open-enough mind to see.

So let’s have one. Even if it turns out to total bollocks

Assuming that is, the establishment can find someone with the brass nuts to head it up. Judging by the ongoing farce that should be the inquest into Princess Diana’s death? / autocide? (ten years and counting) it looks like they’re in short supply at the moment...



paul said...

As most arrests/investigations seem to be based on proximity guilt (the accused visited pakistan, went white water rafting with so and so etc etc) it looks like the tentacles of terror go right to the top.

The opinionist class will have to update their word macros to include the new category of 'islamomonarchofascism'.

I'll bet she didn't have to take her shoes and crown off at US customs last week. Its almost the perfect cover when you think about it.

Stef said...


like it...