Monday, May 28, 2007

The Truth is Out There ... and quite a few lies too

Further to that last post about militant Muslim demonstrations which, as ably researched and documented by The Antagonist, might not be exactly what they seem to be...

Postman Patel has picked up the torch and has spent some time mooching around forums like Stormfront and posted a couple of times on the fact that the BNP is taking the bait and reacting to the planned demo (/ staged provocation?).

Curiously, a couple of the Stormfront posts actually talk about making common cause with some Sikhs and Caribbeans who might be planning to hold a counter demonstration

Ho Ho Ho

So, presumably they wouldn’t mind if some moderate Muslims turned up and joined them as well.

One of the enduring mysteries of fascism is how so many ordinary people have been conned into supporting it over the years. By its very nature fascism only serves the interests of a tiny number of people at the very top and not the majority; White, Brown or any other colour. The trick is, of course, to take people who have grievances and concerns, sometimes legitimate ones, and bamboozle them into blaming completely the wrong people for those grievances and concerns.

I have yet to meet a single British Muslim who wants to obliterate Anglo-Saxon White British culture (whatever that might be). I have, however, met plenty who wish to retain elements of their own heritage in parallel with whatever everyone else is getting on with. They would also prefer it if our country stopped bombing the shit out of Muslims overseas on the basis of lies. None of this is a threat to the identity of this Nation.

I have read a lot about how Muslims want to take over our World in the newspapers though. However, those newspapers are owned by the kind of people who sit at the very top of the Pyramid and they do seem to dwell on the outrageous statements of the same half dozen or so militant Muslims; some of whom are recent 'converts', others who appear to be more than a little 'spooky', time and time again. There's a perverse, one-sided argument going on right now. Lots of non-Muslims are being wound up into demanding that Muslims be good citizens and 99.999995% of Muslims are fucked if they know what else they can do.

The number of Muslims calling for the kind of shit everyone is worried about is absolutely tiny.

And of that tiny number there are plenty of grounds to be a least suspicious that someone is putting some of them up to it, or at least giving them coverage vastly out of proportion to their significance or sanity

To be honest, your average BNP’er should be more concerned about the impact of corporate globalisation on that Anglo-Saxon White British culture they are so keen to preserve. It’s not the fucking Muslims who want to reduce us all to an homogenous, rootless, easily manipulated cultural pulp.

Wouldn’t it be something if the White nationalists, the Muslims, the Sikhs, the Caribbeans and everyone else turned up at Downing Street on June 15 and instead of yelling at each other, like they’re supposed to, had the common sense to come together and start hurling abuse at those who would set us all at each other’s throats instead.

Just for once

Well, you can dream can’t you


One thing that did strike me whilst reading around the issue of the planned protest was that, in spite of the fact that the organizers of this demo and their motivations are very murky indeed, there are people out there prepared to take it all at face value without any reservations

For example, Faisal Haque in his Daily Telegraph blog raised the possibility that someone, someone who isn’t a Muslim, might be shit-stirring

“However, I believe that this demo is being organised by agent provocateurs who will fuel the Government’s propaganda that the Muslim community is full of ‘radicalised’ hotheads. It will damage community relations and will be used to justify further erosion of the civil liberties of ordinary Muslims and non-Muslims. Judging by the inflammatory postings on the petition website, it is clear that the mere advertising of this demonstration is causing a wave of Islamophobia.”

To which a couple of people commented with such astute replies as...

“David Albion's got it right. The Onanists in our government couldn't organise a bed in a bordello, let alone a decent scam along these lines. All they know how to do is put their hands firmly in our pockets.”

“Conspiracy theorys - It is utter rubbish to even consider the Govt we have would have the necessary wit to do anything like this. Best you collect your brothers and sisters together and say to them. We live in a Christian country abide by their laws and all will be well.”

All of which reminded me of something someone emailed me about yesterday. Something which may at first seem to be nothing to do with anything.

It was a link to a series of ‘UFO’ photos that has caused a minor stir on Flickr...

No, they’re not very good.

I'm very old-fashioned when it comes to this sort of thing and still prefer traditional techniques - using hand made models tossed into the air or dangling from a piece of wire rather than all this cgi nonsense…

© Billy Meier - full-time alien contactee and undisputed Master of one-armed Photoshop

One of the tricks that kept the discussion about the photos going on in Flickr is the fairly crude use of non-paid, easily opened Flickr accounts to post comments saying how convincing they are.

Hmmm, dodgy photos, fake identities... it must be some kind of a conspiracy

But, apparently, as mainstream wisdom goes, no-one is clever enough to pull a stunt like that


Winding people up with fake shit is the easiest thing in the World – particularly if they are packing the kind of razor sharp intellect possessed by the average Telegraph Online commentator

Curiously, and returning to the subject in hand, something similar seems to be going on with the Stormfront site. Some of the more aggressive commenting about the ‘British Oppression’ demo seems to be coming from ID’s that either haven’t been open very long or don't have much of a posting history


Like I've said before there are signs that we're in for an eventful summer. Our government is making no secret of the fact that it is just itching to declare a state of emergency and rush in powers that will enable our police to stop and interrogate people without having any reasonable grounds for doing so (!?)

and it's only going to take one excuse, just one...



Tony said...

Honestly, the direction which this is taking makes me afraid. Basicly I see the same here in Germany, currently less on the islamophobic side, more on the G8-protests. For some years now we had fire-attacks on cars of managers of several companies. Mind you, at one attack the attackers pulled the car out the car-port (and away from the house) before they set it on fire - how thoughtful, don't you think? So the police is looking for the people responsible, without any success so far. Which is strange, given the fact that they know even started to use Stasi tactics of looking for letters at the post office and taking scent probes...,,2085932,00.html

So this whole afair is so welcome that they aren't pushing the whole islamofashist-shit anymore. They even try to make a connection between the current protest and the RAF of the seventies.

More and more little pin pricks to destroy our liberties, more and more shifting money from the people to the few. I wonder if they need to build any camps this time, or if you get some kind of electronic ankle restraint. Maybe it could be build into mobile phones and the people would have to pay for it - wouldn't that be convenient?

Oh, about the camps, they have build a detention center near the G8 summit with "rapid courts" and defense lawyers are not welcome there. I was thinking about going there, but now I have to think about the Monday demonstrations ( where the east german police made anouncements over the tannoy telling people "who are peaceful to go away from the hooligans and leave by urban transport now".

And fuck it, the only party against this madness here in Germany has it roots in the east German ruling party, the SED - what a giant joke of history. (And I am member of that party, which gives me a little kick every time I think about it, to "stick it to the man", so to speak)

Stef said...

@tony: I had missed those stories about the new German police tactics, thanks

I think we can now confidently expect France to go the same way too

One of the really difficult aspects of this is being able to tell friend from foe.

There are so many groups and individuals out there who claim to be against what is happening but who, on closer inspection, are not anything of the sort

'Interesting' times...

Anonymous said...

"One of the really difficult aspects of this is being able to tell friend from foe."

Used to admire Peter Tatchell but now I think that it's suspicious that his targets coincide with the Western establishments hate figures eg Mugabe, Iran, Russia. Now, what was that story about how he forfeited a parliamentary seat, again?

paul said...

East germany is also in some way responsible for the narrowly elected chancellor merkel. Here fascinating journey is discussed here

I despair at people retreating into the 'cock up not conspiracy' position, sure, it makes you look like all grown up, but it fails to explain how the bunglers always seem to get what they want.

eg doktor reid loudly announcing that his goverment's (in its third term) home office is suddenly 'unfit for purpose'.

The outcome of all this incompetence, over which noone has taken a shred of responsibility, is that we have now institutionalised the war on terror with its own brand new department.
Now its official, the war can never end.

Stef said...


Spot on

The one explanation that can never even be entertained - be it a war or an Olympic bid or the MI5 dropping the tail on potential terrorists or air defence systems being shut down or whatever - is that it was the result of a deliberate decision. No matter how deliberate that action appears to have been

For some reason people feel a lot more comfortable believing their lives are controlled by idiots or leaders suffering from messiah complexes. Go figure...

Stef said...

@anon - I grew up in North Southwark/ Bermondsey and am quite pleased that the first time I ever voted was to vote against Tatchell.

He's one of that breed of people whose essential dickishness is masked for a time because that dickishness happens to coincide with and be masked by a worthy cause. There are more than a few tools hiding out in a similar fashion within the environmental movement at the moment

Stef said...

@paul - thanks for the Merkel read btw

paul said...

The one explanation that can never even be that it was the result of a deliberate decision.

Exactly, it's the emergence (in the sense of visibility, if not existence) of news management extreme edition ™ - where events are produced as needed.

As ministers and departments normally spend much time obscuring their failures, when they draw attention to them, you can be sure of stagecraft merging with statecraft.

In the case of the home office, a few well presented mishaps allow an instant reorganisation of a very large and complex department.

The sinister doktor seems very partial to these 'enabling events'; eg the wwf smackdown with cartoon jihadi trevor brookes and the liquid terror that never was.

No doubt the british oppression march will fill screens and papers as the departing prime minister pushes for extra laws on terrorism that are, compulsorily, both 'tough' and 'new'