Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The non-existent NWO gets another boost

There have been some astonishing developments at the World Bank in the wake of Paul Wolfowitz’s fall from grace...

In a shock move, President Bush has decided to replace the outgoing creepy, NWO, globalist bastard with…

...another creepy, NWO, globalist bastard

Robert Zoellick is or has been a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, The Bilderberg Group
and The World Wildlife Fund

Fuck me, if we were playing NWO-themed bingo Zoellick would have called 'house' years ago. Not that you’d notice from the gushing Zoellick bios the BBC and everyone else are putting out

Gordon Brnwo must be creaming his nappy

And if anyone bumping into this blog is labouring under the illusion that the WWF is somehow fluffy simply because it has a panda for a logo, it’s worth bearing in mind that past WWF presidents have included such illuminated elitist douchebags as Bilderberg founder Prince Bernhard and our very own, ultra-fluffy Prince Philip - the man who would like to be reincarnated as a deadly virus so that he can kill a few billion poor people to help reduce the ‘surplus population’.

Impotent, overweight, bamboo-chomping, genocidal c*nt...

I have no doubt that people will eventually cotton onto the connection between globalisation and elitist ecofascism simply because it is so blatant. It's going to take a while though and all sorts of heinous shit can happen in the interim

And if anyone bumping into this blog is labouring under the impression that the World Bank isn’t that significant, or that evil, here are a few links and names to get you started – Greg Palast/ Joseph Stiglitz/ Bechtel – any similarities between the way the World Bank/ Bechtel tried to fuck the Bolivians over with their water and what’s happening with the UK water industry (and everyone else's water industries) are, I’m sure, entirely coincidental

Warning: All of the above is, of course, part of a raving conspiracy theory and the World definitely doesn’t work that way and in reality everything happens by accident. It's just a coincidence that all those accidents repeatedly favour the same interests. Yes, definitely a coincidence.

And the sooner all bloggers get with the program, drop all the paranoid nonsense, start taking the mainstream media at face value, get stuck into some arguments about trivial or staged bullshit with people of slightly different beliefs or skin colour,
joining in witch hunts, and calling for properly-managed inquiries into the undoubtedly innocent and well-intentioned mistakes of our leaders the better

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Anonymous said...

It appears that Zimbabwe is at step 3 in Palast's list.

The Antagonist said...

Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I can't help but detect a little sarcasm in the warning you outline above.

paul said...

It's not what you know...
<taps nose />
<winks />
<rolls up trouser leg />

Wolfie said...

Beat me too it.

Robert Zoellick, the American trade representative has propagated speeches and writings praising the benefits of the Fast Track bill, that would permit the president to negotiate and ratify trade agreements without Congressional (that is, democratic) interference. He guarantees that imposing this dictatorial economic policy is one of the best ways to fight terrorism. The bill passed Congress with a one vote margin in December. It would be surprising if the strategy was innovated to justify and impose Bush's plans for militarizing space (through his so-called anti-missile "defence").
All this is wrapped in the flag and defended by stamping all dissent as "un-American" and "unpatriotic". In addition, as if this intellectual terrorism wasn't enough, dissent is silenced with surveillance and intimidation, if not by straight out criminalizing. Analogies are often made between the supposed perpetrators of the terrorist attack that killed thousands and those "vociferating anti-globalization primates" (Jean-François Revel) -- Zoellick claims that the two groups share "intellectual connections" -- they have the same tendency to show a "violent behaviour", according to the WTO secretary David Hartridge.

You do realise that the raft of resignations precipitated by Wolfowitz at the WB was purely a manoeuvre to prepare this man for his work.

Stef said...

@wolfie - I'm starting to

Tony said...

I stumbled across a comment on a German blog, which linked Bilderberg to the "Rhodes-Milner Round Table Groups". Anton Rupert is supposed to have link to the Broederbond, which is supposed to be another Round Table organization. Now Anton Rupert is a founding member of the WWF - talk about a small world.

Alas, the info on this topic that I could find is sparse.

This seems interesting.

Of course, none of this seems verifyable...

Stef said...

For some people it's an absolutely tiny world

Thanks for the link

Anonymous said...

Some more links about the WWF can be found here:

Alas, that post is in German, but many links lead to english articles about the WWF. And one can always try to give Google Translate a try...

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