Monday, September 01, 2008

Special Ramadan Commemorative Post

Yummm, that looks delicious...



The Uberdoug said...

Aw, Stef. Don't be like that.

Stef said...

as it happens I've been on a diet for weeks and dreaming of kebabs every night since I started

paul said...

so its all meat apart from those red things, what are they? :)

Shahid said...

Lucky for you I'm not fasting, otherwise I'd be giving your otherwise excellent blog a wide berth for a lunar month! Tease!

rocky sharpe said...

♫ Rama Dama Ding Dong ♫

Shahid said...

@rocky sharpe

That's the kind of thing my National Front classmates used to say.

How very original of you!

Anonymous said...

What's with all these poets?

Allen Ginsberg - CIA Dope Calypso

(courtesy of a recent article at aangirfan)

And of course we have, Peter Dale Scott.

The only success to which our society appears to be able to boast of, is being able to ignore poets such as these.


Anonymous said...

"... the fallacy of insufficient cynicism""

Found in one of Peter Dale Scott's efforts: "9/11, Deep State Violence and the Hope of Internet Politics"

Where it says, "He adds that anti-conspiratorialist Americans "are prey to what might be called the fallacy of insufficient cynicism" -- a charge that may be revived, if it can ever be shown that 9/11 also was "a conspiracy to provoke a war.""

Anonymous said...

When I tell you I bought Peter Dale Scott's short book: "Biowarfare and Terrorism"(Amazon link here) From an Islamic bookstore, you might understand why the pigs want such info outlets shut down.

Anonymous said...

And also from P D Scott's essay (above, 14:04),

"But on other issues, notably the Iraq War, the Times has conspicuously failed to play the judicious critical role that it did with respect to the U.S. war in Vietnam. In general, as Kristina Borjesson reports in her devastating book, "Investigative reporting is dwindling…because it is expensive, attracts lawsuits, and can be hostile to the corporate interests and/or government connections of a news division’s parent company."48 And as to critical thinking about 9/11, as before about the Kennedy assassination, the Post has predictably gone out of its way to depict the 9/11 truth movement as a "cacophonous and free-range…bunch of conspiracists."49"

Where reference 49 has it that, "49 Washington Post, September 8, 2006. Cf. BBC, "Paranoia paradise," April 4, 2002,
The common tactic of such essays is to focus on absurdly eccentric beliefs, and try to pass them off as representative of all those criticizing received anti-conspiratorial opinion.

mmm. So where have we heard that latter opinion expressed before? Does Stef mix with poets? Could he be ... dare I say it? ... accolade of accolades ... a poet warrior in the classical sense???

Stef said...

bless your cotton socks