Monday, September 15, 2008

Roll me over, roll me over, roll me over, roll me over, do it again...



not Anonymous said...

HBOS just hit new lows.

great post stef.

Stef said...

Curiously, it's only the Loons (adhering to their insane, baseless models of how the world really works) who haven't been surprised by any of this

One does marvel at the average non-Loon's seemingly endless capacity to absorb stories about unexpected financial catastrophes and tragic errors of judgment without vomiting it all back up at some point

Stef said...

am now looking forward to a proliferation of stories about how new laws and technology that were 'never intended' to be used against ordinary law abiding citizens are now being used against ordinary law abiding citizens

it's all an accident

all consequences are unforeseen

everything's a coincidence

there are no plans

don't get angry

no-one's to blame

etc etc

not Anonymous said...

I found this message on the yahoo finance Lehmann bros message board.
worth passing on.

BUSH is not out of the Oval Office SOON ENOUGH!!!!! 15-Sep-08 07:21 am
To all that has lost your money and jobs in LEH, I feel for you and you have my sympathy. I lost $200K in FRE and FNM. That's OK, I know it's not easy to say "it's just money" but it is. The sun will shine and we will move on. Pick up your boot straps and get yourself back up and live and learn another day.

I don't have LEH stock. I am just watching the whole banking industry in general, JPM, GS, MER, JPM, BAC, MS.... the names go on and on and they are in the brink of topple over. I hope they stay strong.

What we really need now is a strong leader who can steer this great gigantic USA ship in the right direction.

That is the role of the President of the great US of A and Bush has been the sorriest president in the history of our nation.
No, he is NOT the one who did it but he is the President of our country. He does not have to do anything, all he needs to do is give confidence to the country and point to where we can get out of this head winds. But NO, he is too damn wrapped up with his oil buddies. Plus he an't got much of anything in his brain so the whole US of A economic is heading down the toilet.
Looks at Bill Clinton's presidency. He did not do anything BUT he instill confidence in the country. People believe in him, the world believe in him. They don't think we are a rouge nation that will attack without justification. And they believe that they can work with us.

Now, look at Bush's presidency. He got us isolated in the world. He ignored the constitution. He attacked other countries on the wrong premise. And he has the IQ of a five years old kid. No one will have the confidence in our great nation anymore. They thought of us as a bully going around and flex our muscle for nothing. And we voted for this idiot TWICE. You heard the saying "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me". Well, we are partially to blame for this fiasco also.

I hope we all will survive this financial meltdown and I hope we can get pass this Bush horrible 8 years and emerge as a great nation as we once were. I still do believe and trust the resilient and the greatness of our nation. November is just not here fast enough to get the bum out of the oval office and we can move on with our lives.

To all our European friends, please don't blame ALL Americans for what is going on. Yes, I know, we did this to you and to ourselves. But I promise you this, come November and next year, no matter who will be in the White House, they will be much better than the idiot we have now. We will be a good neighbor again and we will have a much better future than we have now.

not Anonymous said...

here is the next to go

American International Group, Inc. (AIG)

not Anonymous said...

HBOS lost over a third or its value on Monday as the collapse of U.S. investment bank Lehman Brothers stoked concern HBOS and rivals face more writedowns and higher funding costs.

HBOS is more reliant than any other major bank on borrowing in the wholesale markets for its funding, and could face higher financing costs as a result of Lehman's collapse, which is likely to increase problems with interbank lending, analysts said.