Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rambling #2 - aka The Genius of Darwin

Here's a new friend of mine...

I met him whilst walking in the fresh, crispy mountains of Italy last week. I think it's what the locals call a 'Ghiro' - in English a 'Fat Dormouse'.

Conspiracy fans will be delighted to learn that the fat dormouse was introduced to the UK a 100 hundred years ago by Lord Rothschild...

"Their nickname is the Seven Sleepers as they hibernate for seven months of the year. Walter Rothschild, who later became the second Baron Rothschild, brought the first six Glis Glis to England in 1902. No-one knows exactly how, but they escaped into the wild from the Rothschild home at Tring Park and have spread and bred! However, instead of happily hibernating out of doors they moved inside for the English winter! Soon, local farmers were complaining of apple stores being ruined and local people were hearing unexplained bumps in the night ... a sure sign that the Glis Glis were making themselves quite at home in the attic. One woman was convinced she was going mad!"

This was clearly a pioneering act of primitive bioterrorism, though how fat dormice fit in exactly with the global banking conspiracy, the foundation of Israel, freemasonry and space aliens is still not 100% clear to me


And because I'm more than a little bit sad, all the walking I've been doing here and in my Mothersland and my encounters with fat dormice, amusingly-shaped mushrooms (another time, another photo) and all sorts of other livings things in their natural environment, I've been pondering upon the 'Genius of Darwin' as much as ever - especially the impact of Darwinism on the way people think

As it happens, whether Darwin was right or wrong about the Evolution of Life makes virtually bugger all difference to most people's daily lives.
However, Darwinism has affected the way people interpret tangible events that do impact on their daily lives

Before Darwinism and the Enlightenment, most people believed that someone, or some entity, was responsible for everything that happened. The weather, the outcome of battles, the shape of tea leaves in a cup, the throw of some dice; all was the Will of some god or other.

There was no such thing as chance. Everything that happened was the predetermined outcome of a controlling intelligence

After Darwin, it was considered very clever to believe that everything of any importance or scale was the result of blind chance. Any pattern of events that appeared to be result of design was simply the result of blind chance combined with some kind of selection mechanism

The result was that, in the act of denying the Hand of God in natural affairs, Darwinism also had the consequence of denying the Hand of Man in human affairs

Anyone who suggests that the course of human, or natural affairs, may be the result of the interplay of intelligent planning and the natural selection of random events is now branded an irrational religious lunatic or a conspiracy theorist

Shit just happens

and if you don't believe that Shit just happens then you're only fit for the Funny Farm

Because I'm a Loon I believe that the promotion of this kind of thinking, as an essentially exclusive model to explain how the world works, was an entirely deliberate course of action - but I would wouldn't I

If you would like to witness a nice example of what I'm talking about, the mainstream coverage of the recent financial turmoil is a nice case history

The unwavering message of the mainstream coverage of the 'Credit Crunch' is...

  • The impending implosion of our financial system is an unintended consequence of unreasoning, animalistic, undirected greed and fear

  • No-one could have predicted it

  • There is no predetermined objective

  • The people responsible for our great financial institutions are honestly trying to unfuck things as best as they can for the Common Good

The possibility that the crisis could have been deliberately engineered in some way, and that some very clever, powerful people knew exactly what was going to happen, is deemed so unlikely it is not raised even to be debunked

Presumably, the fact that so many On-line Conspiranauts have been predicting this crash for years, in accordance with their insane models of how the world really works, is merely blind luck

And if all those CCTV cameras, databases, terrorism laws and detention infrastructure are turned towards,
instead of the shadowy terrorists, a general public fucked-off with being robbed blind that will be an unintended outcome too



anon 22:41 said...

I like the idea of financial terrorism, or rather, of a financial strategy of tension.

Just like the bombs&guns variety, this strategy would aim at creating a sentiment of fear, and push the people towards the State to beg for protection...

Stef said...

Max Keiser's been using that analogy a lot recently - and linking it decisions taken immediately after 9/11

Stef said...

but, hey, the markets picked up on Friday

Could this mean that, thanks to the measures taken by the Fed and the BoE, the tide has turned?

Could it fuck

Anonymous said...

The Darwinian idea of evolution as a struggle for existence is blind; the philosophic idea sees it as rhythmic unfoldment, following a spiral pattern and accompanied by involution.

Alex Fear said...

You've entirely missed the point! - it was the short-sellers who were responsible.

Clearly short-sellers have been trying to derail the economy all along, until they were finally caught out this week and our heroic government put a stop to it.

Short-sellers have long been the financial terrorists behind all these events are probably linked in some way to the stock-market post 9/11.

Short-sellers and those that publish short-selling literature must surely now be cracked down upon in order to ensure financial stability and security in the free market world.

Short-sellers - more dangerous than a man with a bomb tied to his chest.

I expect the government to start educating us all on the dangers of short-selling, and how they were behind the fall of Northern Wreck along with all the acts of financial terrorism to come.

Anonymous said...

here is my prediction.

After the big plan and cash injection fails and the good ol US of Arse is about to be flushed down the big financial shit house a cunning plan will quickly unfold to save the planet from financial diarrhea,a union will take place between Canada Mexico and the US,,,a new currency will be implemented.Dollars will be scrapped.A new chapter will begin.The planet will be saved.We will all live happily ever after.Amen.

not Anonymous said...

Many years ago on a building site I got into a conversation with an electrician at lunch break,,,munching our sandwiches in a dingy room in a tenement block in Glasgow,,,he asked me if I´s read va book called the Ragged Trousered Philanthropist by Robert Tressel.I hadn´t so I got me copy and read it twice.

if you have not read it you should.You will not regret it,,once you get started you will not out it down.
The books philosophy is that Money is the cause of poverty.
In the light of recent events it seems particularly relevant today.

Amazon reader review

I first read the "Ragged Trousered Philanthropists" around 1947. It aroused such an interest in me that the story has remained fresh in my memory all of my life. I am now nearly 73 years old. It has been described as the first novel written by a working class person. The description of working class life in such a rich country is a permanent blot on the history of Great Britain. However Tressell writes with such humour that one minute you want to cry and the next explode with laughter. As a result of reading Tressell's book I became a Socialist. Nothing in my life has caused me to change my mind. The characters that Tressell described at the beginning of the twentieth century live on today. Read this book and I guarantee that your thinking will be radically affected. It was the only book that he ever wrote. Tragically, he never lived to see it published. Some people say that it won the election for the Labour Party immediately after the war.

ok one more link.

'The World As We Know It Is Going Down'
By Marc Pitzke in New York

The World As We Know It Is Going Down,1518,578944,00.html

Stef said...


so true - and it's about time the shorters were named and prosecuted

I vote for starting with the creeps who shorted airline stocks on 9/11


thx for the book tip - I'll pick a copy up

Stef said...

here is my prediction...

that or some potential Evil Doers are going to get the shit pre-emptively bombed out of them

not Anonymous said...

I think you will like the Ragged Trousered Philanthropist.

all the best, rob.

Anonymous said...

Lying through his fucking theeth.

Anonymous said...

Terror pledge after Pakistan bomb
Pakistan's president promises to fight the "cancer" of terrorism after a bomb kills at least 54 in the capital, Islamabad.

don´t know why but I get that Bali kinda feeling,Bush was quick to blame AlCIAeda,always a sure give away.

Stef said...

Lying through his fucking theeth.

“It’s impossible to eat as much as one would like to puke up”

Anonymous said...

Interesting clause in Paulson's bill to bail out his bankster chums -

Decisions by the Secretary pursuant to the authority of this Act are non-reviewable and committed to agency discretion, and may not be reviewed by any court of law or any administrative agency.

anon 22:41 said...

Max Keiser
Interesting indeed. But after giving it some thought, even to a loon like me, it sounds like way too convenient an argument. I don't think he's pointing his finger the right way.

I can't help but think this whole mess is mostly a giant smoke screen which lets the players sweep their dirt under the carpet. In plain sight.

I vote for starting with the creeps who shorted airline stocks on 9/11

I'd bet you a pint they would be the same creeps as 9/11 last week.

Now to come back your Darwin argument, was it coincidence or design that ole Soros suddenly came out of the woodwork to predict the financial Armageddon?

not Anonymous said...

things are getting more and more bizarre.Me no comprhende.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said Sunday that foreign banks will be able to unload bad financial assets under a $700 billion U.S. proposal aimed at restoring order during a devastating financial crisis.

"Yes, and they should. Because ... if a financial institution has business operations in the United States, hires people in the United States, if they are clogged with illiquid assets, they have the same impact on the American people as any other institution," Paulson said on ABC television's "This Week with George Stephanopolous."

Paulson was appearing on the Sunday television talk show circuit to provide details about the U.S. government plan for a sweeping bailout to mop up hundreds of billions of dollars in toxic mortgage debt.

The moves capped a week in which financial markets faced their most serious confluence of crises since the Great Depression in the 1930s and threatened national economies and the worldwide banking system.

Paulson defended the rescue package as painful and costly, but necessary to stabilize a financial system that has all but ground to a halt.

"The situation we had, where the markets are frozen and lending may not be available, is one that won't be good for the American people," he said.

"The fact that the taxpayer is in this position is painful to me."

not Anonymous said...

I was wondering.Who is this guy??

Henry Merritt "Hank" Paulson Jr. (born March 28, 1946) is the United States Treasury Secretary and member of the International Monetary Fund Board of Governors. He previously served as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Goldman Sachs, one of the world's largest and most successful investment banks.

he was is a member of this lot

Freemasonry and academic honor societies, like Phi Beta Kappa, have much in common.

Masons might well take a closer look at their cousins, the Greek-letter fraternities. These and sororities in the United States owe their origins, at least indirectly, to Freemasonry. This is because the very first fraternity, Phi Beta Kappa, was heavily influenced by the Craft: "A Masonic lodge had existed in Williamsburg as early as in the 1750s, and in 1773 it received a charter from the grand lodge in England…. John Heath himself [the 15-year-old founder of Phi Beta Kappa] was not a Mason while a student at William and Mary, but Thomas Smith belonged to the Williamsburg lodge before joining Heath as one of the five Phi Beta Kappa founders. Smith served as the first clerk of the Phi Beta Kappa Society and became its president on May 3, 1777. Nine other members of the society joined the Masonic lodge during the next year.

He is also a Christian scientist.

Anonymous said...

What Was Mysterious Activity Going on in the Marriott Hotel Islamabad by United States Marines

dunno guv,

Anonymous said...

RE: Islamabad

This gives a background:

But just like the 2 terror attacks on Gordon Brown's 2nd day, its purely a coincidence.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like foiling an assassination attempt on yourself (Brown) to drum up PR\sympathy...

cyregray said...

I love your post. So apropos - anyone who proposes this whole scheme is engineered is a tin-foil hat wearing kool-aid fanatic.

I think nothing could be further from the truth. Your piece was mentioned over in's economic commentary, thought ya might want to check it out.

Stef said...

Max Keiser
Interesting indeed. But after giving it some thought, even to a loon like me, it sounds like way too convenient an argument. I don't think he's pointing his finger the right way.

I can't help but think this whole mess is mostly a giant smoke screen which lets the players sweep their dirt under the carpet. In plain sight.

It's been discussed here before with firmer Keiser fans than myself but, personally, much as I enjoy most of Keiser's ranting and pontification he links far too much to the AGW/ Peak Oil thing and he's been waaaaaay to cosy with those creepy Goldsmiths in the past to receive anything like a 100% thumbs up from myself