Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Stop the War … maybe next year, eh?

A few more pictures from last Saturday’s
Stop the War march, nothing special…

Those interesting chaps from Neturei Karta modeling their latest Springtime leisureware collection

a somewhat dazed and confused Walter Wolfgang (Britain's oldest terror suspect?) wandering around in the mistaken belief that things will get soooo much better once his beloved Labour Party is in government

There’s a pretty accurate write-up of the feel of the event, complete with some typically distractive and grindingly tedious Left-wing infighting about George Galloway’s alleged homophobia in the comment section, over here

One of the biggest downers of the march was witnessing just how entwined Man Made Global Warming has become with Left Wing inactivism. The perverse belief that sidelining the very long list of genuine, proven crimes against the environment and subordinating them to one great big steaming pile of CO2 bullshit is somehow against multinational corporate interests appears to be depressingly widespread amongst political inactivists.

On the plus side,
Lord Patel and some of his staff were attendance; dispensing stock market tips and signed photographs to the adoring masses. To be honest, that's the only reason why I bothered attending, even merely as a spectator

A few marches back, whilst listening to that hypocritical old fucker Tony Benn spouting away, I was struck by a powerful sense of déjà vu. I realised that I had stood in virtually the exact same spot in Trafalgar Square, listening to the same hypocritical old fucker spouting exactly the same old stuff, twenty-five years before

Only twenty-five years ago the people listening to that old fucker spout weren’t penned-in, monitored and manipulated to anything like the degree they are today

I’ve said this repeatedly to anyone who will listen to me but the only demonstration that came anywhere near to effecting change in government policy since 1997 has been the Fuel Protest of 2000; specifically because it featured an element of passive resistance

None of the
Stop the War demonstrations, even the monster march before the invasion of Iraq, came anywhere near attempting anything like what was achieved by the fuel protestors

Coming down to London, noncing around with a placard for a few hours and then going home in time for tea and Pop Idol ain’t going to change anything. Viscount Tony and his pals know that but for some peculiar reason they keep on participating and supporting the same old ineffective rituals year after year

"You've all done very well. Now fuck off home and don't be a nuisance to anyone"

That’s not to say that the people who participate in those rituals are under any illusions. The handful of protesters I spoke with on Saturday acknowledged the impotence of what they were doing but participate anyway on the basis that it is at least

I’m not knocking their intentions but until things get a lot worse, people outside of the traditional, controlled Left-wing get involved and some pro-democracy (sic.) oligarch lays in a decent sound system and some nibbles so that people can stand their ground for a few days, these marches ain’t going to change dick



Anonymous said...

Gonzo terrorism been given a slot on wikipedia (down by 'other uses'); don't know how long it will last.

Can someone do a page (or at least start one off) on wikipedia about the Conspiraloon Alliance? Not eveyone has Alison Morrisettes (or whatever her name is) sense of irony.

Stef said...

outstanding news

Conspiraloon guides to Gonzo Terrorism® can be found here and here

sadly, my wikipedia skills are almost as poorly endowed as most of the people who write to me think my manhood is but I have posted a request in a couple of places

Stef said...

saved for posterity here

Shutter said...

I've got something impotent to do ... off to a Stop the War protest.

Stef said...

I thought you were strictly a once a week man?

Anonymous said...

While I can't say NK (and their UK boutique's) fashion sense appeals to me, their political and religious stance is top class and sees me applauding like crazy. A Zionist Jew once said to me that NK were "a bunch of way off Jews". Given they practice what they preach I'd have to agree with him.

WATCH OUT WOLFGANG!!! - There's an SO19 sleeper cell based in London!

Galloway isn't homophobic. He's fully in favour of gay rights and gay unions (one reason why really, Muslims shouldn't actually support him!)

Re: Fuel protest: That was a laugh. A few country men standing outside some refineries/depo's exercising their proper right of protest which I believe most people sympathised with, at murdering sadist bLiars's greed via its imposed fuel-tax, were effectively branded as terrorists and were accused of almost bringing the country to it's knees. How dare those men challenge the authoritarian streak of the gub'nt. I actually liked it when there wasn't many cars on the raod on about day 3. I hope they do it again, but no doubt this time there'll be a shiP load of anti-terror laws thrown at them.

Re: march 5 year's on: Actually, I bemoan protests like this but they are essential. The necessary revolution needed to drag this country kicking and screaming to a position where it stops killing millions overseas and actually starts catering for it's citizens will never happen unless stage 1 is surmounted - that of street protests. Armchair to Army base sabotage isn't a plausible progression.

Left wing "stalwarts" play to the same undermining forces as right wingers. Money and the Zionists occupying Palestine. I see no exception.

Even GG - seemingly regarded as a captain of left-wing also doesn't understand the way the financial system holds the rest of the system to ransom. GG's financial awareness is one of his greatest flaws.

Anonymous said...


Your 'mlincoln.jpg' pic is a good illustration of why...

the instigation of a full and independent investigation outside the Public Inquiries Act 2005, into the mass murder of 7-7 would be a waste of police resources.

'mlincoln.jpg' here : http://tinyurl.com/3ys546

Anonymous said...

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