Thursday, March 06, 2008

A woman with a very deep cleavage discusses Michael Parenti

I'm still working through links people were kind enough to leave me whilst I was away last week (thx to all)

Some of those links are proving harder to grapple with than others...

Thanks to anon for leaving me a link to this video of prolific Youtube poster 'Guru Rasa Von Werder' discussing Michael Parenti (who I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago)

I'm only guessing here but I suspect that the reason for the link being posted lies more in the visual than the audio content, which is a tad free-form and rambles a little

Anyway, Guru Rasa's Youtube homepage is worth a quick peek and proof positive that those engaged in The Eternal Struggle may present themselves in a variety of forms, sometimes with their baps hanging out

An invite to become an honorary member of the Conspiraloon Alliance will be winging Rasa's way shortly



Kier said...

That is a scariest pair of badongas I've ever seen.

Guru Rasa Von Werder appears from the University of MotherGod Church, Woman Thou Art God! She espouses Female Empowerment -- Matriarchy is coming!

Where's it coming from, though? More importantly, what's it going to do when it gets here? Will it make me throw away my poloneck sweaters? :(

paul said...

An exciting way to keep abreast of these fascinating times, a treasure chest of information, I hope the guru ignores her knockers and continues her work

Stef said...

And from the Alban Mount we now behold
Our friend of youth, that ocean, which when we
Beheld it last by Calp's rock unfold
Those waves, we follow on till the dark Euxine roll'd
Upon the blue Symplegades

/ just been on holiday in Greece

/ feeling a bit classy

Merkin said...

The things you see when you don't have your gun with you.
Looks a bit like Lily Savage, as was, with melons.

Shutter said...

"To be continued"

...I can hardly control my excitment.

Tom said...

Her crucifix appears to have been turned round and the wee mannie is probably delighted.

Philip said...

Is this the way to go? Should I dig out my medallion? I don't think us blokes should be left behind here. David Ray Griffin, Ian Crane -- you just don't cut it.

This is a serious challenge.

Does anyone know her phone number?

Anonymous said...

08457 90 90 90

Stef said...


1. Yes, it is

2. Yes, you should

3. See above

and rumour has it that David Ray Griffin harbours a lively old pair of puppies underneath his blouse so all is not lost