Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Cult of the Suicide Copper

It is now widely known that Lemmings do not actually commit mass suicide

Unlike British policemen

I'm starting to lose count but I think that's four so far this week


maybe whatever dark, destructive ailment that's been affecting our military police over in Iraq is now spreading to their civilian counterparts over here

maybe it's all just a coincidence

but we Loons hate Coincidences Theories


and on a less perplexing and more amusing note, this story (rated as being one of BBC Dorset's top news stories on the page reporting the death of Inspector Neil Monro)
has its amusing moments - as any story featuring cross-dressing kleptomaniac postmen would naturally do...

the postie in question has not (so far) topped himself



Anonymous said...

completely unrelated but interesting article -

Anonymous said...

I simply cannot imagine why somone would do such a thing - wee bairn 'n all.

Anonymous said...

Unless of course there is some bad thing going on in the background. Pity us loons have little to go on.

It's the kid and the millions of others across the planet I feel very sad for.

Stef said...

completely unrelated but interesting article

good one, thx

as it happens my mum got a letter from her local council a few weeks ago warning her that being eligible for a single occupant discount on her council tax bill meant that the council reserved the right to set private investigators on her to make sure she was telling the truth

the council has no reason to doubt my mother's word but I guess the c*nts in the local town hall decided that it's best to intimidate little old ladies just to be on the safe side...

Anonymous said...

PI's against pensioners. Jeeeez. Every time I think the UK has hit rock bottom along comes something to prove me wrong. Bring forth the revolution ( - or is it too late???)