Monday, March 17, 2008

It's the bankers stupid #728

I found this little nugget of financial commentary via Lord Patel’s blog

A spot on explanation of what's going on in the US and over in the UK imho

Putting it as simply as possible, for the umpteenth time, this how The Bankers screw us all

  • They print themselves loads of lovely, worthless paper money
  • They use that money to buy genuinely useful stuff like public utilities, broadcast media, food production and natural resources, or lend to it people and governments forced to borrow as the result of prices going up because The Bankers are creating so much money
  • They blow the whole fucking thing up

End result, They own everything useful at no cost whatsoever. Everyone else owes them a shit load of money that has suddenly become very scarce and gets stuck into enjoying a lifetime of neofeudalism

How can anyone predict that this is what will happen and that it will happen deliberately?

Because that's how and why it
always fucking happens

As Thomas Jefferson put it 200 years ago...

"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs."

The only problem with this genius plan is that people might get just a teensy weensy bit pissed off when, finally, they realise that they’ve been screwed over royally

There are two tried and tested solutions to that eventuality...

Number One - Fool people into venting their frustrations on other groups of impotent saps

And Number Two…

I'm sure you get the idea...



Alex Fear said...

You forget option number three that is now being advised to people in the states.

Don't bother paying the rest of your mortgage. The chances are the deeds to their mortgage has passed through (sold onto) so many hands that it's been lost.

And for those whose deeds haven't been lost? Walk away.

Shutter said...

"Loans were mass produced and short cuts were taken," White said. "A lot of the paperwork is done in the name of the original lender and a lot of the original lenders aren't around anymore."

..of course if those 2,500 folks are going to be shown the door, and have known for 6 months .... there may well be confusion at Northern Wreck about hwo has, where is, where was, all sorts of bits of paper....

A little birdy tells me that the rump of lucky workers left might not be too diligent eiter if mortgages are going to be parcelled off to jersey for a rust for the Down's Syndrome chilredn of the NE who haven't seen a single fucking penny from this lot.

Not that anyone should encourage anyone to deliberately screw the system. No that would be a bad thing to do.




Bad idea.

Mind you Kevin Keegan should be looked at very closely he's doing a grand job of sabotaging the company footie team single handedly.

Stef said...


rest assured that at the end of the day no-one's going to get a house for free - and, remember, it's not so easy for British mortgage holders to walk away from their properties

The complete Conspiraloon list of ways to deal with a shitty populace after you've robbed them blind is quite a long one, including other personal favourites such as...

- convince people that they have to live like serfs in order to save the environment
- ditto for GLOBAL TERROR!!
- dope them via their food and water supplies
- ensure the majority of people get a really, really shitty education


The Antagonist said...

rest assured that at the end of the day no-one's going to get a house for free

I think the fascists might score rather a great number of houses for free.

Squat now, while stocks last!

Advisory Service for Squatters

Shelter: Squatting (English rules)

Anonymous said...

Turncoat-Greenspan translated By CA Fitts, "Our efforts to centralize ownership and governance of global resources through the financial system have been successful. Now that this phase is complete, there were numerous people and institutions who were important to grow and manage the bubble, who are no longer needed. We are letting them go.

We are proceeding to consolidate control and implement new regulation through the international banking and monetary system. These decisions have been made and you will support them. If you want to be part of our team and enjoy any of the winnings, you will affirm that sweeping changes in global financial governance are in the interests of “free, healthy markets” which create “real wealth.”


Stef said...


Anonymous said...

There are still are so many triumphalist, purblind wankers out there who still think red-baiting is going to win them the argument (see here for one recent, unedifying example).

Someone needs to shake said wankers and tell them: You've had your way for two decades. Things are fucked up. It's your fault this time, not the commies

Stef said...

One of the great triumphs of those who control finance capital in recent years has been to equate anyone who recognizes their covert power with belief in space aliens, healing crystals and Elvis sightings.

Oftentimes their greatest allies in this exercise are Lefties dogmatically wedded to the belief that stuff just happens, or as I like to refer to them as 'tossers'

Thx for that link - the last comment led me to this corker of a piece by the totally sound Yasmin Alibhai-Brown slagging off John Pilger for criticising her membership of the British American Project - it makes for very amusing reading...

This unhealthy strain of left-wing McCarthyism

actually, this strikes me as a very healthy strain of left-wing McCarthyism

It's just a shame that Yasmin didn't have enough space to deal with her involvement with this shady bunch of fuckers as well

Stef said...

my favourite line from Yasmin's piece -

You get (in the British American project) NGO upstarts, headteachers, extraordinary leaders from the Charitable sector. Shami Chakrabarti is an alumna, so too Rushanara Ali, selected Labour candidate for Bethnal Green and Bow. To Pilger, all alumni are plotting bastards and apologists. Many of us are neither.

well, if Shami Chakrabarti is a member it must be OK

for fuck's sake...

Beadleronovitch Lives said...

Stef said...

a resemblance to the Dark One which can only be described as uncanny

and just a little bit funky

Anonymous said...

Plagiarism, or a real interview? (Sorry, but I can't be *$%ed to find out for myself.)

Stef said...

Plagiarism, or a real interview?

That's the first time I've heard of anyone suggesting that Fintan may be a plagiarist

OK maybe not exactly the first

Fintan Dunne is of course the guy who has denounced virtually every site on the Internet, other than his own, of being a 'CIA' run fake designed to whack people off with distractive bullshit

that would be the same Fintan who also believes that infallible Mayan prophecies have identified 2012 as being the year that the Earth passes through a field of healing astronomical energy which will bring about the gestation of a collective human consciousness that will vanquish all Evil without anyone having to do very much in the interim at all

I also recall that Fintan did a peculiar sounding interview where he kissed Ron Paul's wrinkly Republican arse last year - only to denounce the entire Ron Paul campaign as a blatant psyop last month

all things considered a very confused, and confusing, young man that one