Thursday, March 13, 2008

If you go into the woods today...

The idyllic British countryside – now under serious threat from having its rights of way clogged by fly-tipping of unwanted establishment corpses

It would seem that, sadly, but predictably, the conspiracy ghouls are out in force already concerning the tragic death of Chief Constable Michael Todd

Personally, I think that any continued speculation about the circumstances surrounding this tragic death will serve no other purpose than to inflict needless additional suffering on his friends and loved ones

Essential British Outdoor Kit #22: Gin

Why can't people simply accept that Todd took his own life/ died accidentally, surrounded by a mound of suicide notes/ not surrounded by a mound of suicide notes, by drinking half a bottle of straight gin (no tonic or lemon) and slitting his wrists/ not slitting his wrists/ taking some pills/ throwing himself off a mountain and was clearly in a disturbed state of mind/ not in a disturbed state of mind in the days leading up to this tragedy, as already so clearly established by the mainstream media?

Essential British Outdoor Kit #37: The patented, ‘cuts when blunt’, self-wiping David Kelly pruning knife


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Reasonable Robinson said...

Public Office means you sadly become Public Property even when you 'pop your clogs'.

Better watch out because in the 'anything goes' society of ours his estate might yet get retrospectively sued by the Health and Safety fascists employed by the Snowdonia National park