Saturday, August 11, 2007

David Shayler and the Holy Grail

In case anyone is a) interested, and b) missed David Shayler's interview on BBC Radio 5 Live last night here's a chance to catch up on what was said

Monty Python fans will no doubt become aware, at least subliminally, that David makes the following claims in the interview

- he is definitely not Jesus

(though apparently some people did confuse him for Jesus in Judea 2,000 years ago)

- but he is King Arthur

Ringing any bells?

Shayler delivers a truly inspirational mix of discussion concerning matters of life and death that many of us are seriously concerned about, skillfully blended with a Messiah complex that would have made Colonel Kurtz blush and assertions that he is the reincarnation of a fictional(ised) English king and a splash of a homage to Graham Chapman

The second time I Iistened to this interview through I actually started to get quite annoyed

I take my Python very seriously

As a fellow member of the Conspiraloon
Alliance has already said...

"Imagine if Shayler were still under the control of the secret services? Imagine the damage he could have done rather than the good work he continues to do?"



Merkin said...

I don't know if it is a comment on society or on my state of mind, but I can't work out if he really is just a nut-job or a 5th columnist.

Maybe I have been spending too much time in virtual world, recently.

Stef said...

It's certainly tricky

of course, there is a third possible, if somewhat highly unlikely and potentially epoch shattering, answer...

/ starts chanting

Merkin said...

Or, in the paraphrased words of the immortal Szwagier 'Now is the time to hoist the skull and crossbones and become a pirate'

Shutter said...

There is an excellent and chilling book by Vincent Bugliosi, called "Helter Skelter" about the Manson Murders - Sharon tate etc.,

Manson had this totally insane yet remarkably coherent philosophy based on the Beatles White Album about the Blacks taking over white California (Black record comes out of white sleeve) ....

They tried to kill people with LSD as well ... seriously crazy.

Seeing the charming but slim, petite interviewer on More 4 news and the bulky and evidently loopy Shayler waving his arms about one might reasonable have had concerns for her safety.

Mind you the many friends I have who tell me they work for the Secret Serrvices all seem to exhibit similiar behaviour patterns - let's start with Tony Blair, Geoff (There ARE WMD in Iraq) Hoon, Sir Trevor Macdonald ..

Muncher said...

I notice that David Shayler next to the blobfish complement each other well.

Stef said...

/ captures screenshot for posterity

Stef said...

feeling a smidge guilty though

DS might genuinely believe what he is saying in which case I shouldn't be taking the piss out of him, even gently

one thing I am sure of is that his continued association with more earthly, tangible issues whilst in his current state of consciousness ain't go to help present the case for why some of us have very serious doubts about 7/7, 9/11 and all the rest

Merkin said...

First time I saw the term Conspiraloons was just over a year ago, on the Graun.
I was accused by someone on the thread of being such a deluded theorist.

It is interesting that, now, most of the thread appears to have been wiped by the 'thought police'.
One of the main contributers was an interesting case - she had claimed to be an independent MI5/6 researcher with extensive contacts and access to MI5/6 personnel and offices.
I got involved in a long session with her during which it became apparent that she was 'not the full shilling'.
This was confirmed by the author, Holly Finch, who claimed that she had been virtually stalked by said contributer.

I am now starting to wonder if there was something else afoot.

Stef said...

Anything to do with this person?

Please don't say yes

There has been much on-line distraction from the key issues around 7/7 due to a range of motivations. Some potentially spooky others almost certainly lot

Merkin said...

Yes, thatz the one.

Stef said...

/ slaps forehead

Stef said...

/ sighs

Merkin said...

Having had a look at the Graun thread again, I see how quickly the thread 'appears' to have been pulled when, in fact, the last comment from JLA was about ONE WEEK after the thread started (if I remember correctly, and I think I do) as opposed to 3 days.

Stef said...

there's a fair bit of that that goes on over there

lwtc247 said...

I texted David asking him to give his input to the last thread. No reply as yet I see. I've still not seen it (will do later today. Here’s the possibilities:

1) Actual reality. He really is King Arthur
2) Genuine belief, but misguided
3) He has tapped some largely unknown energy, in some way relating to KA, making him think he is KA.
4) He's been taking drugs
5) He's mentally unstable (possibly in combination with item 4 above)
6) He's a saboteur.

There may be more but I think it’s pretty comprehensive.

I cant rule out 1-3 because each and everyone of us is more ignorant than we are informed, but comparatively speaking, its not likely at all, is it? Really! {Merlin’s of the world, Lancelot’s and Sir Percival’s: that a rhetorical question)

4) Is possible but I don’t think a man of his age would delve into drugs, especially when he realises the stakes of the ‘truth’ information he’s been trying to get across in recent years. Although people do go off the rails at times and he’s had his fair share of societal pressure.

5) Maybe.

6) Possible but the option I’d least like to consider, because I have respect for him in blowing the whistle on the UK govt about its assassination attempt on Gaddafi and for bringing 9-11 and 7-7 questions to more people than would have been the case otherwise.

But from my readings of covert operations over the years I cannot discount this as being possible. But the suddenness of all this and that he has managed to get onto the MSM make me suspicious. Whatever is the actual case, the rest of the non- ‘new age spiritualists’ have already learned to cope with red herrings, non-sequiturs and ad hominem’s quite well. David’s unusual claims are relatively trivial I feel. There are far more effective ways ‘they’ could bring down those who believe the govt is telling lies.

Overall, I actually think option 6) is the least likely. But we’ll see.

As for DI, I am confident he is not mentally ill. Either he’s sincere in his beliefs, or he's on a {growingly successful} campaign of revenge to screw society for laughing at him all those years ago.

Stef said...

7) Somebody is fucking with his head

and I wouldn't be so quick to discount #4 as being a major contributory factor - there's something distinctly shroomy/ psychotropic about this business

and yes, DI is far from insane

Anonymous said...

I'm listening to it now. I believe he's completely sincere.

100% Wrong, but sincere.

He's interpreted some experience wrongly and imported previous information from David Icke into those feelings.

It's well natured I believe, like Icke, but wrong.

I notice the Mayan "2012" date again. Infinite/unconditional love is the new religion. Icke is anti-religion, DS is pro christianity. Two bases covered.

Imagine a world with no religion and then one day someone says "I believe in God" Imagine the reaction. OK David S, fair enough. You are free to believe what you want but sorry, not that this will bother you, but I'm not signing up mate.

I find it really interesting however the outporing of anger towards men like DS and DI from the general public. Words expressed in public that are more hostile than those in relation to killer Tony bLiars slaughter of over 1,000,000 Iraqi people.

I'll respect his opinion or I'd be a hypocrit. Hope its not infectious! :s

- lw

Anonymous said...

These neoMayans are letting dreams shape their reality.

I think 9-11 (which missed the 2000 doomsday) and 2012 has awakened the doomsday complex within some.

- lw

Stef said...

There's no way any of us can be sure about what's going on in DS' head. What I am sure of is that he is pitching his latest message no differently to the way he pitched 9/11 and 7/7. Shayler claiming to be the Messiah sounds exactly the same as Shayler claiming 9/11 to be an inside job. This will turn people away. Most people have neither the time, experience nor inclination to try and pick out what is fact and what is fantasy. Whether he is consciously doing it or not Shayler is crapping in the pool

And what DS is doing with these New Agey themes is no different to what he has done with 'truth' movements. He is repackaging other people's work and ideas without adding any value - be it new research or original thinking. Virtually everything he has come out with recently is indistinguishable from the kind of stuff David Icke, Michael Tsarion, Jordan Maxwell and many others have been peddling for some time. Probably the most pernicious element of their 'teachings' being this 2012 thing and how people of conscience essentially need do nothing to challenge what is going on in the world and simply hang around and wait for time to pass and for the universe to change

What with the passive New Age crap, the neutering of the controlled established Left and people being jerked off with the climate change thing there isn't much room left for the kind of political activism that I personally would like to see - in that respect I see the reborn Shayler as being, by accident or by design, part of a much wider malaise

Anonymous said...

You know these people who claim to be reincarned spirits and so on. Why don't they ever say In my past life, 1812, I was Ms. Jane Smith from No 42 Heath Lane, Middlesborough?

- lw

Merkin said...

'You know these people who claim to be reincarned spirits and so on. Why don't they ever say In my past life, 1812, I was Ms. Jane Smith from No 42 Heath Lane, Middlesborough?'

That's because, in my past life, 1812, I was Ms. Jane Smith from No 42 Heath Lane, Middlesborough.

SteveW said...

I'm not going to be polite here,everyone seems to be full of sympathy for the pie munching twat.Not me.If I ever see him at the riverside stadium,I'll nail him to the goalpost.Well..I would if I could actually afford a ticket to get in.Why does he have to be a fucking boro fan..and if hes responsible for our miraculous euro run,what happened in the final?too busy nailing mary magdalen?
whenever fuckface has editorial control over what spews out of his trap,he goes off on a cringe inducing rant about holograms missiles and no fucking planes.He's a liability.If hes fucked his head with jimson weed or whatever,he needs to be ranting at a fucking shrink ina rubber room,not derailing other peoples hard work.what has he got to do with crop circles?I know that colin andrews(andrew collins?) the croppy guy tells a tale of the CIA trying to bribe him into dismissing crop circles as man made hoaxes;maybe theres something about this years artwork that the evil rich dont want us plebs talking about.I know theres some geezer whos allegedly made a free energy device based on crop circle designs (google crop circle ship).
The other dodgy fucker,Anne Machon,has been touting limited hangouts in the Mail.Apparently,the secret service is strapped for cash,thats why terrorism happens.Maybe they shouldn't have spent so much cash arming the IRA,or dressing SAS cunts as arabs and giving them cars full of bombs to drive around.How did she get to be a brass in the truth movement?Isn't she secretary of some uk 911 outfit?sack the lying them both out of town.
Meh..theres a few personal insults in there that I probably won't be proud about later(thought better of it and edited the worst out).But fuck it.I'm sick of "truthers" spewing bullshit.These two lying bastards aren't to be trusted.who needs enemies with friends like these?
Rick Siegel,of 911eyewitness fame has put out a challenge to all the bigwigs of the truth movement..take a lie detector test..weed out the liars and agents.Funnily enough,no one has taken him up on it.
BTW-thats not a blobfish-its my right eyeball.If any of your friends tell you their kid has picked up a dose of conjunctivitis,run away.
BTW2-theres no Heath lane in Boro.If there ever was a heath around here,it was turned into a slag heap/toxic dump long ago.

Kier said...

There are some intriguing insights from David's ex-landlady to be found here. (Posting under the username B)She recounts in detail a conversation she had with him at the weekend.

Kier said...

I like this bit, btw...

B: "But I am supporting you, I’m helping put food on your table and a roof over your head!"

DS: "Well, so you should, it's up to my followers to keep me in a state of bliss so that I can carry out my mission."

lwtc247 said...


Re: Heath lane in Boro. Dun forget, this is 1812 were talking about. Your A-Z aint that old!

Ask Merkin, he seems in on the know.

Stef said...

Fun Facts™ #427

Dave's website is apparently hosted by Alex Jones' operation...

small world...

Merkin said...

No problems, lwtc247, however, I have to wait to Saturday which is mushy picking day.

(I do have first refusal on a couple of 'poison frogs', but I may have misheard and thought it was a message about my ex-girlfriend.)

Anonymous said...

Wurth u luek screee"

Merkin said...

Well, anonymous, all yez can do is accept the slings and arrows of outrageous whatever and hope that Yorrick is a good sort.

I have not been to a single football match in the past 20 years, yet I still know who has won the league in a number of countries.
My students, when I was working abroad, were well into The Matrix as a way of life.
Tough shit, my epistemology is of the walks, talks, quacks type.

SteveW said...

I've been racked with guilt all night.I was way too strong earlier.Sorry bout that.I don't know what the hells going on anymore.If Davey boys ill or in a strange place,then safe journey home fella.Thanks for the euro run.

You may well be right about Heath Lane.My local history is admittedly shakey..1812 Boro was probably a small network of villages, with a smithy and a smelter on the hills like the settlers game.

Stef said...

I was way too strong earlier

It was funny though

and DS did mention at one point (I think) that he is but one of TWO Messiahs

Can't wait to find out who the other one is supposed to be

SteveW said...

hmm..skunk,Playstation,messiah complex,way too much free time..
maybe he'll turn up at a UFO convention with a kind of bastardised PS2 chip and blue tooth modem crudely wired into a jackplug socket drilled into his 'third eye',and start beaming text/video messages mentally to everyone in the room with a mobile phone, and then spread like a virus from those phones connected to the web until hes gained control of billions of computers,and uses their collective brain power to smash pentagon/cia/fbi/vatican/whoever security codes in seconds flat,flooding the whole internet with top secret classified info and the truth sets the common man free.we hang the tyrants who have brutally perverted our technological/spiritual/political evolution.We all build crop circle ships,and "explore space together"
(I really miss bill hicks)
then again,..maybe he's that artificial hive brain DARPA bio-god-machine from "They Want Your Soul"
nice god/evil god,only time will tell

SteveW said...

actually,I misunderstood you didnt I.theres another celebrity meltdown coming..interesting.
you have a habit of snapping pics of curious signs and leaflets-do you remember seeing the little white photocopies of maitreya around the brixton area 15ish years ago?Vivid memory for me,for some unknown reason.

Anonymous said...

For something completely different along the 'isn't the MSM crap line' ...

Isn't the MSM crap. Just been looking at the Mortgage Lender Implodometer where there's the repeating comment of ... 'not yet reported in the MSM'.

lwtc247 said...

LOL at the good comments on these threads.
- ooooh, my first tinyurl :)

Thanks Anonymous @ 10:46 for that article. I've just ganderd it. The point is very made well, and I know it was meant to stop people saying "BUT", but, (sorry) Fetzer is a philosopher of Science as the article makes clear. Isn't the way he's not discounting what he would call 'possibilities', simply his training by profession? I'm not a 'beamer' myself, but IMO, I think Fetzer and others desire to pursue these things may actually be positive in the long run, because the greater the research they conduct, IF THE PREMISE IS FALSE, (as I believe it is) then their research will surely ultimately show that to be the case. And I believe that training sees them as being pragmatic enough to welcome any result and learn from it as any investigator should. That line of enquiry would surely be stone cold dead after that. It is unrealistic to expect homogeneity on 9-11 or 7-7 truth simply because there are unknowns in the equation. Diversity is the direct result, and until those unknowns are addressed, diversity is assured.

We have less evidence that Shayler still works for Mi5 than those who support the "no planes" theory have. I am not a "no-planer at WTC", but I can see that they believe they are in possession of what seems like scientific indications that no-planes is a possibility. Personally, I believe there is far stronger lines of enquiry and evidence treading a much more conventional path, but if we all adopted a single line on this, then if 'they' found one error in our logic (which is highly likely given that we would at least have to lean heavily on an unknown) then by the same token. the whole truth movement would be come crashing down in a similar manner we are worried it will do over Shaylers work now.

I think there is strength in diversity. Skeptics minds realize NO-ONE has the full picture. Skeptics are smart enough to pick their own bones which have they most meat on, and can anyone show me a persons lifetime of work that doesn't contain some crap {in retrospect} at some point? What kind of feeble minds would accept what we say if they can’t see any possible daft thing a proponent of 9-11 may hold dear? (please excuse any ‘arrogance’ at the word we here. I hope its context is understood)

And Huffschmidt is even criticized like Fetzer. Huffschmidt who was one of the first to PACK his video's full of factual evidence. Huffschmidt was undoubtedly a ‘gateway-er’ It's the infighting that is detracting from 9-11 and 7-7 'truth' (which remember none of us actually has, these issues are nobody’s baby). We should push our own individual beliefs on 9-11 and 7-7 as hard as we can - put gripes between others aside, and if we realize were barking up the wrong 'truth' tree, we need the balls to change track.

While sometimes I think that people are sensible enough to realize, that ‘if David's going down this road, then so what, I can still resolve the issies’, I sometimes think other times that in many respects, many people can't/won't think about serious issues, in no small part thanks to the MSM, that they just might dismiss the totality of what David says. ‘Tis us strange humans my friend.

I'll stop before I start too obviously repeating. I'm exhaused my words on this.

Wolfie said...

Cool Fish of the Month

Stef said...


thanks muchly, a stellar find...

Stef said...

@stevew: yes, I do remember seeing maitreya plastered around the place years ago but I can't remember if it was Brixton specific and, sadly, no photos

and if there is much Buddhist influence in Brixton these days I'm hard put to see it

Stef said...

@Kier; If accurate, that's a killer quote and pretty much seals my own personal opinion about what's going on

'It's good to be the King...'

Rory Winter said...

Merkin said: "I don't know if it is a comment on society or on my state of mind, but I can't work out if he really is just a nut-job or a 5th columnist."

Maybe his role is to discredit groups like the 911 Truth Movement by behaving like a nut and smearing the entire Movement by assiciation?