Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Constructive Dialogue

July 7th Truth have just published an interview with a guy called Thomas Ikimi

He's the cousin of one of the victims of the London bombings that took place on July 7th 2005 and he has made and is marketing a film about 7/7. In his own words...

My cousin Anthony Fatayi-Williams was one of the 52 lost in the attacks. I wanted to let you know that I have been working on a project since July 2005 in relation to the bombings and my experiences as a family member affected by it. It is a documentary and it was released two days ago online via the website www.thehomefrontmovie.net

One of the most encouraging aspects about Thomas engaging in a dialogue with July 7th Truth is that he is not someone who could easily be labeled a conspiracy theorist. He believes that the bombings probably were carried out by four Muslim suicide bombers. Many of the people on J7T are a lot less sure

However, in spite of that difference of opinion, Thomas and J7T appear to respect the sincerity of each other's opinions and have been able to engage in a dialogue which explores areas of shared concern.

Which is excellent

A little bit more of that sort of behaviour would go a long way

Alternatively, you take the Jon Ronson approach and go on national radio, as he did recently, and label anyone with doubts about July 7th as being vicious, insane and, apparently, anti-semitic to boot.

What a star

Hmmm, I'm not too sure about the anti-semitic thing but I am a 7/7 sceptic and I am definitely anti-twat

(the most illuminating part of Ronson's broadcast is when he says he doesn't understand why bloggers write so much even though they don't get paid for it. As someone else said, using that kind of logic it is reasonable to conclude that Jon advocates fucking whores rather than doing it with someone who likes him for who he is)

Anyway, for anyone with a concerned interest in 7/7 the interview wit
h Thomas is worth a read. The first half covers the curious lack of media coverage given to the second anniversary of 7/7 (I must confess I was expecting a lot more than we actually got). The second half concentrates on the frankly obstructive behaviour of our establishment with regards to resisting calls for an inquiry, the suppression of evidence, and shoddy treatment of survivors and their families

All of which touches on one particular concern that I have about 7/7 and the aftermath. With one or two conspicuous exceptions there has been relatively little published testimony from the victims of 7/7, public transport staff or the relatives of the alleged suicide bombers. And the little that has been reported has clearly been tightly controlled

Something is not right about the official narrative of 7/7

As Thomas says...

"Anyone who thinks the [Home Office] report is a full account is not being serious or realistic. The holes are so glaring, that even as a story, it isn't a very good one."



SteveW said...

Hopefully this wont derail discussion too much;Anybody have an opinion/insight on Danny Obachike?

Stef said...

I've spoken with a couple of people who have met with Daniel and they seem pretty sure that he's a decent guy

I wrote a post about Daniel a while ago...


Personally speaking, I don't really understand what his 7/7 revelations are supposed to be exactly and feel uncomfortable about the tie-in with Biblical prophecy