Friday, August 24, 2007

Aaron Russo Commemorative Post

Aaron Russo...

Alive - 23rd August 2007

Not Alive - 24th August 2007

A sad loss for Conspiraloons
around the globe. Many of whom will mourn the passing of the producer of From Freedom to Fascism, an expose of the Federal Reserve banking system, with great regret.

but it's also worth mentioning that, earlier in his career, Russo also produced Trading Places, so that's another reason to celebrate his life, actually two reasons...

That Jamie Lee Curtis (Janet Leigh's body - Tony Curtis' face) scene from Trading Places. A few seconds of cinema that were single-handedly responsible for the development of the frame by frame slow play function on early VHS players. A landmark moment in the evolution of home entertainment systems

As well as devoting his last few years to the senseless and unjustifiable persecution of the entirely benevolent Federal Reserve and Internal Revenue Service, Russo also found time to make some frankly startling, uncorroborated claims about what some of his billionaire friends said they were planning for the world. The fun part being trying to pick out which of those claims may have some basis in truth and which are the product of the kind of twisted sense of humour you presumably develop when you're a) richer than Croesus and b) bored...



SteveW said...

yeh man.but jodies tits have permanently scarred my retinas.edfdy murphy will never make a better film.same goes for chevvy and denholm

SteveW said...

sorry for spelling-Im drunk fr the first time since xmas.

SteveW said...

and antagonista dude-what gives?how come you arent blogging recently? you haven't posted for aaages?

Meerkat.On.Priapism said...

I don't care if JLC is actually a hermaphrodite
I would still give her one.

Stef said...

...and then she could give you one right back

Stef said...

and antagonista dude-what gives?how come you arent blogging recently? you haven't posted for aaages?

I can confirm that antagonista dude was still in a non-abducted state as of yesterday afternoon

unfortunately, due to me wearing a pair of custom-made bubblewarp underpants designed to thwart MI5 listening devices I couldn't speak loud enough to ask him what's going on with his blog

Stef said...

obviously I meant to type bubblewrap underpants and not bubblewarp underpants

I only wear the bubblewarp jobbies in the weekends

Shahid said...


Stef said...

he had cancer for a while

maybe he was just trying to leave his mark

Shahid said...

He didn't "contract" cancer after making his film did he?


sorry...I thought I was at the conspiraloons blog for a minute, I don't know what came over me.

Stef said...

If I were being 'facty' about things I'd have to concede that he was suffering from cancer quite a while before he made the film

However, that doesn't mean the NWO didn't give him even more cancer after he made it

Anonymous said...

I read a 9-11 'truthers, dont hurt the truth' site the other day that said the Claim Mr. Russo made that income tax was illegal by a high court ruling was actually incorrect.

That may be so, but I watched A,FFTF when it first came out and NOBODY withing the IRS or IRS affiliates were able to answer where it says that income tax is legal.
Of course the interview list wasn't exhaustive, but still, even that 'Big Jew' Russo interviewed (whi if I recall, threatened him!) couldn't answer it (or ANYTHING about it)

So, which is it? Did the high court rule it illegal or not?

Difficult to imagine such an important verdict not getting mass attention {despite controlled press) if it found against income tax, although all my independent conspiraloon research suggests the supreme court rulings have been ignored on other occasions.

Coupled to Bush's destruction of the constitution...

- lw

SteveW said...

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