Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Suspicious Minds

Alex Jones

Love him or hate him, his portfolio of websites, ‘truth’ videos and Internet radio programming is a significant conduit for information about many subjects we Conspiraloons
hold dear to our hearts

His portfolio of websites, ‘truth’ videos and Internet radio programming is also a significant conduit for disinformation about many subjects we Conspiraloons
hold dear to our hearts

Jones and his team are particularly concerned about issues relating to government snooping, electronic tagging and the rise of an Orwellian surveillance society

So, imagine my delight when perusing the Propaganda Matrix site today and clicking on the first hyperlink in the ‘Other news’ section entitled ‘Internet Filters’...

to be greeted with this advert…

Use PC Pandora To Find Out What Your Partner Is Hiding From You!

9 out of 10 women who feel their partner is cheating are correct
50% of men who feel their partner is cheating are correct

More people than ever before are using the Internet to cheat on their partner. With online dating sites, social networks, chat forums, email and instant messengers, it is incredibly easy to meet people, have an affair, and get away with it, all in record time. Do you feel your partner may be having sex with somebody else, but you're not sure?


Most people who are cheating have used their computer to either start the affair, or are using the computer to keep in touch with that person. Many of the people who do this are covering their tracks by deleting browsing history so you never find out, or go one step further and use various programs and tools to cover up their tracks. They think that their wife, husband, or significant other will never find out.

PC Pandora was developed with all of these "cheater helper" programs in mind. PC Pandora is like your own private detective that will take snapshots and record everything that your spouse/significant other does on the PC, whether they try to cover up their tracks or not - it won't matter.

Thousands of new users like yourself are downloading and using PC Pandora every single month. And there's a reason why. PC Pandora is the most stable, feature rich, and user friendly monitoring software on the market. We're #1 for a reason. PC Pandora has been featured on Talk shows, news shows, radio, newspapers... you name it. Find out why we're the best and try PC Pandora yourself. Purchase right now or take PC Pandora for a free spin. But don't wait - take action right now.

Oooh, you can smell the integrity

Given what happened after Pandora opened her box, I'm half inclined to think this ad is a spoof. If it is could someone please put me straight


edit: as Muncher has pointed out, I should clarify that Propaganda Matrix is not run by Alex Jones but by Paul Joseph Watson, an employee of Jones - maybe Alex could bung Paul a few more $'s so he doesn't have to include ads for spyware on his website to make ends meet.



Muncher said...

Propaganda Matrix is run by Paul Joseph Watson not Alex Jones.

Stef said...


...who works for Mr Jones

Stef said...

but yes, you're right and I have edited the post

And as I've said some decent stuff comes through the Jones/ Watson sites

but on the other hand some of their material bugs me

The coverage of 7/7 in Jones' Terrorstorm video for example is littered with small, irritating errors - the most obvious being the suggestion that 7/7 was timed to coincide with the General Election

...two months previously

They also promote some well dodgy characters

Or take a more recent story covered by PJW - the one about Pat Tillman

Clearly, there is something untoward about the manner of his death and its subsequent treatment by the US establishment but to open with the line

Astounding new details surrounding the death of Pat Tillman clearly indicate that top brass decided to execute the former pro football star in cold blood to prevent him from returning home and becoming an anti-war icon.


As fine an example of subverting yourself through over-reach as I could come up with

lwtc247 said...

PJW is a good lad. I' guess the link is a dynamic link. If PJ knew about it, I think he wouldn't be pleased.

I'd guess he has little control over it? Then again, perhaps he does! Who knows. Seems a bit out of character though.

Anonymous said...

Blog Notes ... US arrests former CIA leader in Laos

Run of the mill CIA and drugs story from the Telegraph.

Stef said...

@anon, thanks - again

"Operation Tarnished Eagle'

Yes, very inventive...