Saturday, August 04, 2007

The IPCC and the Stockwell Shooting - It really is that bad

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Now that the ‘
Stockwell 2’ IPCC report is out of the way it is now pretty likely that’s the end of any further investigation into what really happened on 22nd July 2005

The case is, to all intents and purposes, closed

As well as being effectively closed, the events of that day have been so clouded with disinformation and irrelevant bullshit most people can’t even comprehend why the treatment of de Menezes' execution is so outrageous…

  • Don’t be drawn into the bullshit that is Stockwell 2 and a minute by minute timeline of which policeman claims to have known what in the aftermath of the shooting

  • Forget the dodgy witnesses and policemen who gave accounts of the shooting that lied about de Menezes running from the police, wearing a heavy coat with wires sticking out of it, or refusing a verbal challenge

  • Forget the ‘disappeared’ CCTV footage

  • Forget the fairy stories about SAS-trained military surveillance specialists turning off their cameras and taking a leak at a crucial moment

  • Forget the fact that armed men threatened and held a gun to the face of the driver of the train for reasons unknown

  • Forget that, by their own account, the police trailed a suspected suicide bomber for half an hour and then allowed him to enter the Underground system without challenge

  • Forget the orchestrated establishment smear campaign that started while de Menezes' body was still warm. A campaign that put about suggestions that JCdM was running away from the police because he had no visa or was a rapist

  • Forget the fact that we don't even really know whether it was the police who shot de Menezes

  • Forget the fact that there hasn't yet been an inquest into de Menezes' death

  • Forget the fact that the first IPCC report hasn’t even been made public

  • Forget the fact that, in spite of all the flimflam and bullshit, even the IPCC had to concede that the police did lie about the shooting and tampered with records

Forget all that stuff and the fact that no-one has been held accountable for any of it

Just concentrate on the most important unanswered question from that day. A question that two expensive and protracted official inquiries and acres of newsprint and television time haven’t answered...

Why did the police execute an innocent man who clearly wasn’t carrying a bomb?

I don't see anything that could have been a fucking bomb. Do you see anything that could have been a fucking bomb?

More than any other incident in the past couple of years that I can think of the fact that this question can remain so conspicuously unanswered tells me that, yes, our media and our other institutions are terminally crooked, to a degree that most people won’t even want to start thinking about

(edit: for clarity's sake I should point out that the picture of the 'live' de Menezes above is taken from a reconstruction made by the BBC. Reconstruction was necessary because the actual CCTV tapes from Stockwell were either 'worthless' or wiped clean after the shooting, depending on who you choose to believe - the police or the station staff)

And to anyone who slags me off for sniping at the police who are doing a very difficult job protecting us from those who would destroy our way of life my answer is this 'If something as outrageous as this is allowed to happen what the fuck are our police really protecting?'

That's a question for the increasingly-politicized bastards in charge of our police forces. Ordinary coppers are just trying to do their jobs and are no more immune to bullshit than the rest of us


And if anyone needs a reminder of just how bent our media is, here’s the BBC Panorama special on the JCdM shooting...

Yeah, it’s special alright



paul said...

Top post

Stef said...

Of course, all the established high-traffic political blogs in this country are all over this outrageous story like a rash...

Stef said...

... maybe we could get a petition going?

paul said...

"We the undersigned want the fuzz to stop shooting innocent people just because they can"

Sgt Rock said...

And to help put this 'Tragic Mistake' on the back burner we have a timely foot and mouth outbreak. Or do we?

Stef said...

Fortunately our brave new Prime Minister is on hand to save the day. Canceling his holiday plans so that he can return to the Capital and put his extensive livestock disease containment experience to good use...

Bombs last month. Sick cows this month.

Is there no end to Father Brown's nation-saving abilities?

Stef said...

/ feeling safer already

Anonymous said...

When they get a tiny little glimpse at the true nature of the system and our leaders, the establishment becomes strangely bashfull and shy doesn't it? Obviously remembering the British Police's numerous cases of fitting up entirely innocent people for domestic terrorism, not to mention various other scandals, I've never trusted the police. But most people do, oddly.

Now we have a fairly blatant and obvious example of their corruption and dishonestly, those that should really be on out side become temporarily blind and deaf don't they?

The reason we're conspiraloonies is not because of the evidence. That's there and always has been. It's because a large section of the population just does not WANT to see what's staring them in the face.

It's easier that way I suppose.

Merkin said...

Who were the killers?

Certainly not George Dixon or Fancy Smith or Morse or even Taggart.

Most likely.

brendadada said...

"Why did the police execute an innocent man who clearly wasn’t carrying a bomb?"

Forget all that.

Since when did policemen start executing even proven GUILTY people, hmm?

Did I hear you say never?

Since when was it okay for anyone to put umpteen bullets into someone's heed on the Tube?


Oh golly everything about this case makes me feel so very angry.