Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Odds and Sods pt2

Where was I?

Oh, yes…

Whilst on the subject of 9/11 and gaps in ‘official narratives’, kudos to
Channel 4’s Darshna Soni. She was the journalist who reported the story that getting on for 60% of British Muslims who were polled believed that the government hasn’t told the truth about the 7/7 bombings.

I squawked at the time that this was a potentially divisive story which implied that British Muslims stood apart from everyone else on the subject of 7/7. I believed then, and I still believe, that to be meaningful and objective that 60% figure should have been reported in the context of what an average cross-section of the British public think about the ‘Official Narrative’ of 7/7.

My guess is that the proportion of sceptics would not be as high as 60% but still a healthy enough percentage to indicate that your average British Muslim isn’t as out of step with everyone else as Darshna’s report implied


Darshna did take the point, has responded constructively to criticism she received after her report was broadcast and has included caveats such as the following in her subsequent writing on the subject…

‘And of course, it's not just Muslims who question the official version of events.’

She has also recently posted a piece on her blog on the subject of calls for an official inquiry into 7/7. She makes the point that even if there were an inquiry it would now be subject to the Inquiries Act 2005. A piece of legislation that was quietly enacted and didn’t receive a great deal of attention (from her colleagues in the ‘news’ business) at the time.

Under the terms of the Act the Home Secretary can…
  • decide whether there should be an inquiry
  • set and amend its terms of reference
  • appoint its members
  • restrict public access to inquiries
  • prevent the publication of evidence placed before an inquiry
Now the thing is, I know a lot of people who are very hot under the collar about this particular piece of legislation and I can understand why. However, our current government has managed to stage some absolutely disgraceful inquiries even before the Inquiries Act became law so I’m not entirely convinced that it changes very much. Did many people think the inquiry culture in this country was straight before 2005?

But, like I said, kudos to Darshna for being one of the tiny handful of journalists who has actually acknowledged that public scepticism does exist about 7/7 and that any inquiry into 7/7 runs a real risk of being as crooked as a nine pound note.

It will be kind of interesting to see where she goes, or is allowed to go, from here now


Um, what else have I been toying with?

Oh, yeah

I’ve commented on a few blogs that have been kicking around the subject of inheritance tax (IHT) and Conservative party proposals to abolish IHT if it won the next election

The reason why I mention this is that a lot of the Left-leaning people I know are labouring under the misapprehension that IHT is somehow a mechanism that ensures more equal redistribution of wealth, less economic inequality and therefore a ‘good thing’

Hmmm, maybe in theory

But what’s actually going on is that Forces of Darkness have always used the tax system and promises of wealth redistribution to yank Left Wing knob.

Our tax system, along with interest and inflation, is one of the key tools used to keep poor people poor and to prevent the slightly better off from accumulating any significant amounts of capital

And, right now, it's working a treat

You don’t have to be Planck Einstein to observe that, after ten years of rising taxation and supposed wealth redistribution, economic inequality in this country has actually risen sharply. And that will be even more evident when the credit bubble is popped and people can no longer make up for shortfalls in their income through borrowing

Taxes are what the poor and middle income earners pay,
not the wealthy. If, as I believe, our system of government is bent, increased taxation simply leads to increased wealth concentration not redistribution

This is not a Left vs. Right issue. It’s about honesty vs. dishonesty, the 99% vs. the 1%.


Um, what else?

Oh yeah,
LWTC247’s blog included a post a few day’s ago which pointed out that whilst all that economic carnage was taking place over the last few weeks the price of gold, usually a safe haven in times of crisis, actually fell

Which is an indication, just an indication, that the ‘smart’ money may not have been taken that far away from the stockmarkets and was kept on hand to re-enter those markets once prices had fallen for a few days

The possible conclusion being that there were big hitters out there confident that this particular slide wasn’t the Big One so many people are expecting

I do believe that LWTC247 is
suggesting that this recent slide was actually an example of market manipulation

Bloody Conspiraloons

Whatever is going on, it’s always worth remembering that the market price for gold is actually ‘fixed’ by the banks which gives them, how can I put it?, some leeway to fuck around a bit

And that’s the scary thing about this business. The entire global financial system is totally interconnected, controlled by a handful of interests which operate with zero transparency and accountability, and manipulated to serve that small handful of powerful interests

Or does anyone honestly believe that altruism is a key personal quality required to hold high office in the Banking System?

We are all serfs of that System and we could hold democratic elections every day until the end of the time and it wouldn’t change a fricking thing



Merkin said...


Link is to GrumpyAunt's Arena where there is a very good thread on the subject :

'Is the music stopping?

The international credit system is like a game of musical chairs. Everyone gets richer - until the music stops. Read all about it here.'

lwtc247 said...

" Did many people think the inquiry culture in this country was straight before 2005?"
- no, but: our ability to challenge whitewashes has surreded a mortal blow, care of this nasty piece of work, passed by even nastier members of the NeoLabour party.

If such a challenge to a post 2005 inquiry was mounted and somehow got the level whereby it was to be reviewed by a judge, then there is NO way a judge could then find in favour of the complaint, as the mechanism of whitewashing would have leglislation to back it up!

That I think is the whole point of why these SHITS did it
(sorry, I try not to swear but the total hate I feel for these murderering penis's int he commons is unsurpassed)

Fasism thrives by fear and propaganda as well as MANY pieces of corrupt law. What we have in the UK is the most dangerous form of fascism - the 'drip drip' method. One would like to think that instantaneous fascism would be instantly recognisable and utterly rejected by the majority of Brits(?), but the slow creep of it is far more difficult to spot and IS actually coming to pass.

P.S. Where can one get the movie 'taking liberties' from over the web and John Pilgers 'War on Democracy" I never got a chance to watch them :(

Anonymous said...

it has also suffered a mortal blow
*sheepishly yours...* - lw

Anonymous said...

Let me answer my own question: John Pilger's The War on Democracy can be downloaded here:


Still can't find the talking liberties one.

- lw

Wolfie said...

I noticed the gold fluctuation as well, you are right but there are other factors too.

1) If you buy gold now you are in effect getting an IOU and not a bullion holding as banks have reduced their reserves in recent years.

2) Gold is now more commodity than reserve currency than it used to be due to demand in the ME and Asia, so its price more accurately behaves like one.

So its not the umbrella it used to be on a rainy day.

Stef said...

If you buy gold now you are in effect getting an IOU and not a bullion holding as banks have reduced their reserves in recent years.

Not necessarily. If I were advising anyone planning to become a gold bug I'd urge them to take physical delivery...


Stef said...

@lwtc247 - thanks for that Pilger link, I was after that

Stef said...

Taking Liberties was a commercial product, so unless you're willing to wait for a DVD release and fork out for that or turn to bit torrent I doubt if you'll find it

but, there again, why would you want to?


lwtc247 said...

Stef. Being like one of Harry Enfields 'Old Gits', I get pleasure out of just about anything that shows the govt in any rotten light possible.

But, I deliberately never watched F9-11 as having spent probably years watching some of the most crap movies in the Universe, while in my late teens and early 20's. I knew it would be a waste of life-force, besides I've seen far more 'hardcore' 9-11 movies already - Mainstream Moore was always likely to disappoint.

Taking liberties may be crap, but I have an affinity for British crap compared to US crap.

Cheers anyway for the warning, perhaps I'll heed it - especially now that it appears I'd have to shell out for it rather than nab it from the internet.

P.S. > Tips hat to "The Dossier" for providing the link to Pilgers latest Documentary.

P.S.S. I found "The revolution will not be televised" to be truely Excellent and immensely fortunate for its Irish crew.

Anonymous said...

"Not necessarily. If I were advising anyone planning to become a gold bug I'd urge them to take physical delivery..."

I've got an account here (just been massively robbed by the US gov)

But also here protected by Jersey law.

But I also like Mr Chard!!!