Saturday, August 25, 2007

A big disappointment for 'Due South' fans

In case anyone hasn't seen this yet, this is fucking marvelous...

Three agent provocateurs getting rumbled during a demonstration against an SPP meeting in Quebec earlier this week...

What seems to be going on is that the demonstrators very wisely set up a line of grannies between the riot police and the main body of the demonstration. Which meant that to stage a confrontation that would unleash the Cops of War our three unfortunate masked heroes were obliged to mix with the grannies

granny - masked man in combat gear - granny - masked man in combat gear


Coverage in the Canadian press, including the RCMP admitting that the three guys were theirs but only collecting intelligence (with rocks?), can be found here and here

By far and away the funniest bit is seeing the police go through the farce of 'arresting' their own men even though by that point everyone knew what was going on

Comedy Gold!!

And it's great to see Canadians maintaining their reputation for social inclusion by finding useful roles for their senior citizens such as deploying them tactically in urban warfare

Fortunately for us in the UK, this sort of false flag stuff only ever happens in other countries and anyone who believes different is an insane Conspiraloon



SteveW said...

the errrm factor written allover their masks is priceless isn't it.

Rachel North- are you getting the message yet?just join us.start thinking properly ffs.

I found a lil pill its ancient-but it got me off my head.soup is good food,

you make a good case for digital, but fuck me-how sexy is that fuck off zooom lens and sniper rifle set up

see you soon aaron rip

remember that episode where they catapulted the burnt piano into the air?classic telly..

SteveW said...

and that blob-fish-its arthur mullard smoking a fag.yus moi deeah.I think the next fish sould be the north atlantic wolffish from that fish blog-it looks like its scoping the diverss fingers so it can evolve into a land creature and take over the world.

Merkin said...

The Mounties un-mounted so to speak.
Absolutely marvellous story.
Saw some stuff in the Graun about it.
However, 'get intae these bastards' fatigue set in and I never checked the links.
Thanks, Stef, that you have done the work for this so-tired blogger.

In an age of Global Policification, I wonder if these guys did training courses with the Jean-Charles killers?

Blobfish I really liked until a girlfriend pointed out that we may indeed be twins separated at birth.

Stef said...

I've visited Canada a couple of times and was impressed with the cult of even-tempered, plain-speaking decency they've got going on there, similar in many ways to the way I perceive New Zealand (possibly the silver lining of the Highland Clearances)

Which is maybe why the RCMP was daft enough to actually own up when caught. If they hadn't there would still be some residual doubt which morons could cling on to

The Canadians really should leave this sort of thing to the pros

Stef said...

are you getting the message yet?just join us.start thinking properly ffs.

I wouldn't get too hung up on what any one person believes

Anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one or a similar trauma will know that it can take a long time before you can deal with that trauma and place it in a wider context

Taking an example I mentioned in a earlier post. I lost my father last year and in the process of dying he contracted a couple of very nasty infections in hospital, as well as being subject to some appalling bureaucracy that contributed to his suffering and that of his family

Even though this all happened a year ago now the thought of doing something proactive about the bollocks that goes on in the NHS is something I can still barely contemplate for fear that it would stir of memories of a ghastly experience

I've no doubt that many of those injured, people who lost loved ones and other people directly involved in 7/7 will be going through a similar process It may still take time before some of those who may have cause to question official accounts of their experience to express themselves

On top of that there are signs, I believe, of a heavy duty campaign to shape media coverage of accounts of 7/7 and I don't believed that can be sustained indefinitely

Stef said...

but fuck me-how sexy is that fuck off zooom lens and sniper rifle set up

you're going to love this then...

The Zenit Photosniper

Sophia said...

Thanks Stef,

That was really funny and just knew about it from your blog. I was away in the Chianti in an area without cell phones, internet and newspapers and a dysfunctional TV.

The RCMP has noit been a mater of pride for canadians recently with the maher Arrar story, the Toronto seventeen infiltrated by the RCMP who 'indoctrinated them into radical Islam', 'trained' them, and provided them with chemical fertilisers. These were college kids and they are now in prison thanks to the agents provocateurs of the RCMP.

The RCMP is also plagued by corruption scandals. And with every downturn, the institution is trying to buy a new credibility by staging some very silly coups. The Montebello episode being the silliest up to date. If you know Canada, you may know that Montebello is a reatreat and is not easily by the kind of young people wanting to relaease their testosterone or progesterone execess in a demonstration and go to the bar afterward. Canada is also a small country in terms of people. Even in a big city you keep bouncing on the same people very often. In a peaceful demonstration organised by labour unions in a remote location there is very little chance one can play incognito agent provocateur. This should have come to the minds of these agents and their bosses who sent them there.

Now as a quebecer, I noticed that the provocateurs were swearing in french or either speaking english with a French accent, which means that the RCMP sent quebecers in an effort to make itself more credible but that was another error because if you saw the grannies were good old Canadian loyalists to the British empire and could not mingle with these people. This was another big error.

SteveFukkinW said...

and yes-totally on the NHS trauma bollocks-my dad lost a leg and lots of fear to the microbes that feel nourished hanging around hosptals.

To their generation,hospitals were a place that you went to, to DIE,I could see it written all over my dads face.get me out of not ready to die.
its paramount that you realise that in a hospital,the nurses and doctors expect the worst.that covers their bullshit victorian arses.anything other than a messy drawn out death is a miracle.tell them to go fuck themselves and michael chriton,Abbey can suck my bell end till tuesday-Carters eating DU in the congo so we can all have smaller cell phones.