Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Messiah is sexier than yours

The competition between wannabee Messiahs with a line in 7/7 Troof has just moved up a notch...

"A little over a decade ago David Shayler was a renegade MI5 agent turned whistleblower who was facing prosecution under the Official Secrets Act. Today the 43-year-old has become a squatter - and yesterday showed off his 'alter ego' as he dressed as a transvestite complete with false breasts, mini-skirt and ginger wig...."

I've been just a smidge critical of previous incarnations of The Shayler Being over the years but, now that he's strapped on a pair of fake, over-sized nungas that droop down to his belly button, I'd be the first to agree that he does require immediate mass support

See also 'Is Your Messiah a Slut? - The Chest vs Legs Rule'



The Underdoug said...

Nicer legs than Hitler and bigger tits than Cher...

And a bigger mouth than Cherie (to combat swine flu, gargle with a swimming pool).

Stef said...


The Underdoug said...

Whenever I hear the name Delores/Dolores - I think of this:

1 min 14 sec in.

Thanks for the pointers to protoConspiracomrade Michael Parenti - excellent listening.

The Underdoug said...

Of course, the cartoon Working for Peanuts could be a metaphor for financial life under the NWO

gyges said...

From the Comments Section in the Daily Mail article,

"You have to laugh at MI5's vetting procedure

- John, Salford, 17/7/2009 14:20

numeral said...

My dear, her hair!

Anonymous said...

All credit to Dave, that handbag really goes well with his skirt.

Anonymous said...

Seriously though, has someone at Mi5 gotten to him somehow?

paul said...

I just think it illustrates the enormous pressure our consumer society exerts on conspiracy theorists to look good.

However, I think he's overcompensating a little in order to 'bring a lot of credibility to the truth movement'.

paul said...

Seriously though, has someone at Mi5 gotten to him somehow?

On the contrary, I think they would treasure someone who goes on about no planes, messiah status and 2012.

Any seasoned conspirateur will see right through his lady's clothing.

(and then pour bleach into their mind's eye)

Anonymous said...

I mean have they slipped some special secret agent drug into his food that's sent him barmy?

Or maybe he still works for them?

paul said...

1. well that's a bit like annie machon's theory, but then she seemed happy enough when they were doing their ils lund/victor laszlo act.

2. Not the wildest theory I've ever heard, but considering his relentless attention seeking, hardly necessary.

Stef said...

One or two, perfectly natural, mushrooms have been consumed, that's for sure

Whether someone has been employed, now or in the past, to ensure an uniterrupted supply is open to discussion

Stef said...

...whenever the subject of The Shayler Being and his zany antics comes up I'm always, because I'm a bit sad like that, reminded of the story of Pope Celestine V and a demonstration of Mind Control, 13th century style, as recounted in Peter de Rosa's Vicars of Christ...

"Pope Celestine V

Pope Nicholas IV died in 1292. For nearly two years, the conclave could not agree on contenders from two great Roman families, the Colonna and the Orsini. Benedict Gaetano, an influential member of the Sacred College, a lawyer and related to both families hoped to be chosen but eventually a simple, holy hermit called Peter who preferred to live in caves on Mount Morone, was elected in 1294, taking the name Celestine V. He was in his 80s.

Celestine, shocked at the licentious ways of Rome and the riches accumulated by the church, set up his seat in Naples and began giving away church possessions to the poor. He had to be stopped. The cardinals entrusted Gaetani with the task.

Gaetani bored a hole into the wall of the pope’s cell and inserted a speaking tube. Late in the night, he whispered down the tube: “Celestine, Celestine, lay down your office. It is too much for you to bear.”

After several nights of listening to the voice of the Holy Ghost (as he believed), Celestine decided to step down and returned to his hermitage. He was pope for about 5 months."

I can't help thinking a few plates of specially selected mushroom risotto would have helped the process along wonderfully

Dante included Celestine in his shit list of The Damned, not because he was an Evil pope per se but because he left the field clear for a real stinker to follow him

De Rosa's book is a corking read btw and an absolutely recommended Next Christmas Present for the devout Catholic in your Life

Bridget said...

As a non-reconstructed feminist (who doesn't view pole-dancing as anti-oppression or an expression of liberation) I'm always intrigued by the male transvestite/transexual caricature of 'female sexuality' - is it really red lippy, big tits and kller heels?

Delores responds

Kier said...

Bridget, I have pondered the same issue many times. Spaniel's Ears Shayler might have given us a clue when he says "It’s as if I fancy women so much, I want to be one" - perhaps he and others are basically attempting to realise their ideal woman - ie one who looks permanently on the game. Can't decide if he's one step behind or beyond that man who married a blow-up doll.

Stef said...

"is it really red lippy, big tits and kller heels?"

Not always

Fans of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil will point to The Lady Chablis as an altogether more elegant manifestation of the genre

Lady Chablis' touching, thought provoking biography Hiding My Candy is also absolutely recommended as the Next Next Christmas Present for the devout Catholic in your Life

Stef said...

oToH J. Edgar Hoover had an absolutely massive pair of bazonkas

Bridget said...

oToH there's always Grayson Perry - perhaps they are just trying desperately not to look like their mums.

Anonymous said...

any chance of a working link to "dolores responds" bridget?I keep getting permission denied.
your search engine does the same thing.I can see its in "the theology thread",but damned if I can find it manually.

Bridget said...

Sorry Anonymous but you'd have to join the J7 forum as it's a thread in the members area.

I can point you to the original post on the 9/11 forum - Shayler's spiritual home, on the interestingly titled Manchurian Candidate thread:

Delores Responds

Stef said...

Fancy that, I never knew that Shayler came from Manchester

Anonymous said...

Shayler TV?

That sounds like a US Cop show from the 80s about a crime solving transvestite.

Stef said...


what do you mean sounds like?

Shayler T.V.

a) is a tranvestite
b) does solve crimes

Shayler T.V. said...

Call Me Dolores - by Messiah

Anonymous said...

far out.

Any spiritual teacher will tell you that the ultimate goal of the journey is to combine and balance the masculine and feminine. The Biblical Jesus says “I am Male and Female”. The equal-armed, Messianic Cross – the symbol of the Christ – represents this balance of the masculine and feminine.

Over the years, I have been in enormous conflict with all sorts of authority, beginning with my mother and taking in MI5 and the British judiciary on the way. That ‘up-and-at-them’ male energy has to be counter-balanced with a strong feminine energy, which I get from getting dolled up – and feeling sexy.

As the Christ, I’m the begotten of Jesus the Father and Gaia, the divine mother and goddess of love and sexuality. She does not incarnate into this world. I’m therefore the closest you will get to an incarnation of Gaia also known as the Magdalene.

There are three spiritual states we can live in – bliss, euphoria and ecstasy. I don’t know why but a bit of red lippy, a sexy frock and a pair of killer heels can help in achieving those states. Ironically, it is dressing as a woman that has helped me stay sane – particularly during high stress periods of my life like the court case and being on the run.

Sorry about the cheap wig but I live a simple life and can’t afford expensive realistic wigs. But if anyone has a long red or blond wig to kindly donate, I’d be extremely grateful. (No brunette wigs though: