Monday, July 20, 2009

My Messiah is Sexier than Yours - The Sequel

A straight rip of a posting made by The Antagonist in another place...

Vimeo: Dolores invokes Christ on Eviction Day

Edit: Except, it didn't do much good....

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- Four days after eviction and the Messiah returns to find Dolores' mirror broken and burned.

Joking and parody aside, it's all
quite serious really.

Given what is in the process of being unleashed on the world, especially to people who labour under the misapprehension that they, not the banks, own their homes, I find The Shayler Being's move into a new area of activism moderately interesting

Maybe he'll be able to further the cause of The Dispossessed in the same way that he did for the 9/11 and 7/7 Truth movements


and on the subject of the (Future) Dispossessed, Max Keiser has upped his game considerably and is now including some serious talent in his shows, and even occasionally keeping his gob shut and easing up on the faux outrage long enough for them to get to say something

The latest edition of The Truth About Markets features a megamix of Keiser interviews with Michael Hudson (the Dark Prophet of Neofeudalism and always worth listening to) and Karl Denninger, capped by 15 minutes of classic Keiser faux outrage at the behaviour of Goldmans* at the end

Professor Michael Hudson

Worth putting on the wireless music player whilst doing some household chores, just on the strength of Hudson's turn if nothing else

* = That would be the Goldmans which is definitely not at the heart of a dense, interlocked web of inter-related, vested financial interests which spans nations and governments and which definitely has no qualities which could be construed as the basis for elitist, conspiratorial, kleptocratic behaviour. That Goldmans




gyges said...

"... especially to people who labour under the misapprehension that they, not the banks, own their homes, ..."

They also labour under the misapprehension that the money held in their bank accounts belongs to them. Chief Justice Lord Goddard reminded us of this in R v Davenport [1954] 1 All ER 602, where he said,

"Although we talk of people having money in a bank, the only person who has money in a bank is the banker. If I pay money into my bank account, either by paying cash or a cheque, the money at once becomes the money of the banker. The relationship between banker and customer is that of debtor and creditor. He does not hold money as an agent or trustee ... I have a chose in action, that is to say I have a right to expect that the banker will honour my cheque, but he does it out of his own money."

Stef said...

The relationship between banker and customer is that of debtor and creditor

that would be an unsecured creditor

it would be kind of fun, and a lot more equitable, if the banks turned over the deeds to their assets to people (their depositors) they owed money to

after all, it's what they demand of people they lend money to

Anonymous said...

And of course when the bank decides it can't pay you back, it simply gets the tax payer to pay you back, using your own money.

Anonymous said...

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Conrad Turner said...

I tried to post at the loon alliance,but theres something wrong with the comment box there.Won't allow cutnpaste,won't post a comment.So I'm sorry for this being off topic.
I picked this up over at Rigorous Intuition.Apollo celebrations have brought moonhoaxers out of their rubber good thing which surfaced was this story about teenage Italian radio hams who built a radio receiver and intercepted space race transmissions.Fantastic story.
Clean your cookie cache to return to it..once you have the FT cookie you will only get a sign up page.

Anonymous said...

Would another misapprehension be that they think they should give a toss what people think about them?

Edo said...

A bit of mainstream conspiraloonery going on over at The Telegraph.

No author, no comments, no shit!

Anonymous said...

Edo ain't wrong, either

David said...

Oh no, that seems bad.

Hope everything goes well next year.