Thursday, September 21, 2006

The smallest policeman in the world

I've just read The Antagonist's post about that tiny but devoted band of 'radicalised' British Islamicists who turn up right on cue to spout inflammatory horseshit whenever the government needs them to. Even though Antagonist has failed to pick up on the crucial link between the domestic war on terror and Gerry Andersen produced puppet TV series, one line did tickle me in particular

Following his outburst, Izzadeen (Trevor) was ejected from the venue by the world's smallest policeman, but not before being allowed to utter some choice words in front of the assembled crowd, cameras and microphones, thereby making sure that everyone received the full weight of the not-quite-so subliminal messages being conveyed.

Small copper. Big Mullet

Comedy-sized policemen are becoming a fairly common sight on the streets of London. I originally thought they were employed because they were handy in tunnels and inserting into one bedroom flats packed to the ceiling with dozens of underage Moldovan sex slaves (quite common hereabouts) but now that I think about it they can also provide a useful scaling option when trying to provide Bert and Ernie style visual comparisons between the Power of the State and the Muslim Menace

State smaaaaaall. Muslim Terror threat biiiiiiig.
Ernie like cookies. Ernie want rubby duckie...

Mind you, as everyone already knows, Bert was radicalized years ago...

And is it just me or did the Home Secretary before last sound just like Elmo?

Charles 'Tickle Me' Clarke


If you are open to their message, classic children's TV puppet shows can teach you a lot more about a Life than any current affairs programming. Watch more, especially Oliver Postgate's stuff

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