Monday, August 04, 2008

Mainstream Conspiraloons - #456 Sy Hersh, #457 Keith Olbermann




I find the Hersh piece particularly interesting as it repeats the lie that no US leader, and by implication no other leader of a 'free world' country, would knowingly make a decision that would result in the death of fellow countryfolk

  • It's a lie because it assumes that members of ruling elites give a damn about people outside of their class, just because they live in the same country
  • It's also a lie because, by necessity, people in the business of war routinely make decisions which they know will result in the death of fellow countrymen. Every time a politician or general commits troops to combat they know some of those troops will die as a result of that decision.

    Some simple maths, combined with belief in a higher purpose, will dictate whether those leaders consider those casualties 'a price worth paying'.

    A decision made somewhat easier by the fact that someone else will invariably be doing the paying


Plus 10 Conspiraloon Loyalty Points to Hersh for breaking that particular story about Dick Cheney and pals brainstorming a false flag operation in Iran

Minus 9 points for qualifying it with a suggestion that it didn't happen because Dick Cheney and pals gave a shit about the potential casualties



Anonymous said...

So, Shakespeare is a conspiraloon, now. Look no further than the Rosencrantz and Guildenstern sub-plot in Hamlet. Would the King of Norway have thought twice upon acting on the sealed instructions he received?

anon 22:41 said...

The keyword here is "lawyer".
Sy Hersh couldn't reveal the story without sugarcoating it.

Still, Hersh talked about it. And the idea that some people in that meeting were thinking of killing their own men to start a war is now in the awareness.

Hersh ain't no fool and no coward. He just knows how to say things without risking his own or his sources' arses.

Beaucoup conspiraloon points for Sy.

Stef said...

OK, maybe I was being a tad harsh

anon 22:41 said...

Finally found material in English regarding the Madrid 3/11 attacks.

Simply conspiralicious

ziz said...

There is somewhere a scrap of paper on which Napoleon on the ev of Waterloo, having told Josephine he had a headache scribbled the numbers of dead he expected on the morrow.

An image never forgoten.

"The hand that signed the paper, felled a city, and ruin came .. great is the hand that has dominion over man by a scribbled name."
Dylan Thomas.

Merkin said...

Thanks, anon, for the stuff about 3/11.

Of course, I am shiting myself as I used to own a Mitsubishi Trium phone.
I hope the guys that stole it were not connected in any way. HeHeHe

Anonymous said...

Have a look at this graph in the middle of this article. Say bye bye to Kansas, Dorothy.

Stef said...

f*** me

Anonymous said...

@stef - Well, quite.

I don't know how to rationalise it. It looks as though the US dollar economy is being propped up by a US gov promise that it will repay this debt. There isn't any precedent to suggest that it will or can. The closest precedents (70s oil shock and Russian rouble default) are trivial in comparison; so trivial that they hardly show up on the graph.

If the graph says anything, it tells us that we are in massively unprecedented times.

If anyone is interested, here is a direct link to the graph "Series: BORROW, Total Borrowings of Depository Institutions from the Federal Reserve".

Stef said...

and yes, thx for the Madrid link