Saturday, August 23, 2008

Headline of the Week


Edo said...

August is renowned for being a slow news month. Bring on Sept!!! Can't wait for the next instalment of mind control.

Anonymous said...

You can just imagine the glee over at News International. I have an inkling tomorrow's NOTW will be a glitterfest.

We must remember; Child abuse is always the work of a rogue nonce and never never ever institutional.


Anonymous said...

ok how do you clone a terrorist??osama or the like

Hi-tech digital doubles replace actors

the borders between reality and digital deviousness are becoming more and more blurred,,,soon we will not know unless we witness it first hand if something is real or not

Anonymous said...

The pun doesn't even work though does it? Peado sounds nothing like Eagle! I thought one of the prerequisites of a pun was that the two words you're swapping around sound like each other?

Stef said...

Child abuse is always the work of a rogue nonce and never never ever institutional.


The Lone Nonce Theory

DE said...

Yeah, wasn't impressed with peado / eagle comparison. But false gravitas is funny.

Shahid said...

It's nonce-sense. (Nod to Brass Eye)

Seriously though, I thought "paedo" meant child. If an Irishman who likes Blighty had touched down at Heathrow, would they have written "The Anglo has landed"?


Stef said...

cue The Paedofinder General

Stef said...

cue the Nonce Sense

Merkin said...

This site is a bad influence.
I couldn't wait to see the billboards in my local Co-op tomorrow. So, unusually, I logged onto the Murdoch empire site. Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.
Indeed it was there, the girls sold to Mr gadd at 25 quid a whip tell their story.
Needless to say, my first thought was how much money will we have to pay for security for the Pope when he next visits here.
My second thought was one of Catch-22 illumination.
These girls were 44 year old South Ossetian refugees with one careful owner.

Anonymous said...

The plot thickens -

Anonymous said...

Something from Paulos.

"The result is that the subject, impelled by his own obsessions, often constructs an outlandish and obscene dream in response to the random answers he elicits. He may think he knows whose dream it is, but then the ruse is revealed to him and he is told that the dream really has no author. In a strong sense, however, the subject himself is the dream weaver. His preoccupations dictated his questions which, even if answered negatively at first, frequently received a positive response in a later formulation to a different partygoer. These positive responses were then pursued."

Follow the link above to put the quote in context and think of, well ... the War Against Terror or any other such Millar's Crucible type nonsense.

Found from my subscription to The Edge (got a good article by Clay Shirky in there as well is anyone is into that sort of thing. Curiously, we're all doing at this very moment, what Shirky writes about).

ziz said...

Anon 16:19

The plot was very thick from the start.

Dr K had an assignation, was picked up by someone he knew (and could trust ?) after being murdered his "suicide" was then contrived.

His murder does 2 things.

1. Removed an awkward person with too much nowledge of the locaation of buried bodies.

2. Acts as a warning to anyone else.

Campbell's Diary is as near as a confession as one can imagine.

Page 722 The Blair Years A Campbell Diary entry July 18th

"Then Tom told me the body had been found. This was getting more and more grim...then TB came on the plane. I said I'd really had enough. He said we should have a judicial enquiry now. I said I really wanted to go and I felt I should do it now.I had been determined to clear my name .... I was clear it had all gone too far ..."

Mr Andrew McKinley MP played his roel , which becomes clearer as the "Total Politics" crew emerges.

BTW TP Editorial Board member Sir Simon Milton is on "Any Questions?" next week...well there's a surprise!