Monday, August 18, 2008

The Ghosts



Edo said...

spooky. pun intended.

Anonymous said...

fuck me that is far out!coincidence or what.

reminds me a bit of

On March 4, 2001—exactly six months and one week before 9/11—The Lone Gunmen television show, a spinoff from The X-Files, premiered on FOX.

In that pilot episode, Byers' father faked his own death in order to uncover a conspiracy to hijack a commercial airliner, and crash it into what turned out to be the World Trade Center. This episode, and those that followed it, received positive reviews, but FOX cancelled the show due, it said, to a drop in ratings.

The following are a series of clips from that pilot episode,detailing some of the possible similarities between fact and fiction than had been available before.

Dr. Condoleezza Rice said that, before 9/11, no one anticipated airliners being used as weapons. Given that the government had anticipated this (even considered perpetrating a similar scenario!) as far back as Operation Northwoods and as recently as the "terror drills" it was sponsoring that day, not only is Dr. Rice's statement patently false, but also—strangely enough—the fictional "Lone Gunmen" seem to have anticipated this, as the following clips plainly demonstrate.

Still, that this 9/11 was foreshadowed by The Lone Gunmen—just over six months prior to September 11, 2001—is stunning

Stef said...

Every self-respecting Conspiraloon knows that there are no such things as coincidences

Stef said...

or jokes