Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Great British Fit Up

Well, yesterday turned out to be a bit of a bad day for the Great British Fit Up

First, a jury concluded that a local child-like-fantasist-nutter probably wasn't responsible for the perfectly executed public execution of Jill Dando

stitched up like a kipper

- the lack of any reliable evidence whatsoever probably helped

Second, another Jury decided that 20 years to Life was probably not an appropriate punishment for visiting the London Eye and Natural History Museum on a day trip

which possibly explains why the establishment is so keen to do away with jury trials, having to decide what to charge people with when they are arrested and the right of the accused to know the identity of their accusers


The 7/7 related trial which finished yesterday was an especially curious affair. Much of the 'evidence' presented at the start of the trial, and faithfully repeated by the mainstream media, had nothing to do with the guilt nor innocence of the accused

An example of the absolutely 'astonishing' and, yes, 'chilling' evidence released during the recent 7/7 trial

What it was was a mishmash of inconclusive material relating to 7/7 which was described as being conclusive evidence of the four alleged 7/7 bombers' guilt but was nothing of the sort

Unfortunately, because it didn't relate to the charges being heard, this mishmash wasn't challenged in court

This was a dishonest attempt to put circumstantial toss into the public domain without it being subject to any critical rigour

However, amongst all that circumstantial 7/7-related toss, one absolutely gobsmacking revelation was made by the prosecution and it deserves repeating because none of the mainstream media have asked the obvious questions and have quietly forgotten about it...

July 7 bombers 'left clues to martyrdom'

"Neil Flewitt, QC, prosecuting, said that expert Clifford Todd had examined the wreckage of the bomb sites."

“The bombers scattered identity and bank cards around the Tube carriages they targeted before placing their rucksacks on the floor and setting off the explosives inside them, jurors heard.”

" It is, in the opinion of Mr Todd, noteworthy that at each scene, some personal materials and documents, such as ID cards, were found relating to the bombers. Although they were damaged to some extent, they did not show the damage that would be expected if they were on the body of the bomber or in the rucksack, suggesting that in each case they had been deliberately separated by some distance from the actual explosion."

It's well worth spending a minute or two thinking about the possible implications,
as opposed to the establishment interpretation, of that evidence - because you're not supposed to



Merkin said...

Loved the tube vid. Sad but true.


'Milo Minderbinder would be proud. It's like his chocolate-covered cotton, only vastly more lethal.'

Introducing DisneyIraq: The Unhappiest Place on Earth

Tony said...

Meanwhile on the other side of the pond:,0,4558967.story
Lone Anthrax-Man kills himself. How convenient.

(Captcha: kqaos)

Neil said...

Shite alive, can we have a whip-round to buy Flewitt an Occam's Razor?

Anonymous said...

Back up Plan
* actual Plan
Rules for the day
Families (stories)



paul said...

Yes its damn inconvenient when someone in the targeted carriage -
A. Survives!
B. Remembers no dodgy looking muslims or bags/rucksacks at the source of the explosion.
C. Notices that the metal is bent upwards indicating a bomb external to the carriage.

But hey, we have all these pristine ids PROVING they did it!

Stef said...

yes, damned inconvenient