Saturday, August 30, 2008

Richard Dawkins reads his fanmail


Anonymous said...

LOL @ church van.

Given the footage was would no doubt like to claim it was fair, unbiased and a bit of professional media journalism, it is interesting to note the ratio of hostile to favourable e-mails.

A scientist would look at those ratio's and notice the apparent lack of randomness, therefore conclusing there is an underlying force at work. Dawkins however doesn't seem to notice.

Church van.

Anonymous said...


Stef said...

Connoisseurs of True™ Internet abuse will note that the stuff Dawkins' is reading out is positively friendly in comparison with, say, the kind of comments directed at people who stick corrupted 1gb+ files onto bit torrent sites

Stef said...

in the past I've heard Dawkins state on several occasions that he refuses to debate with creationists, Id'ers and other anti-Darwinists on the basis that he doesn't want to lend an air of credibility to their crackpot beliefs

Dick is, however, more than happy to be seen talking with hand-selected losers who are then subjected to that totally objective selective editing which we loons love so much

Shahid said...

I get stuff like that all the time, but then so do holocaust revisionists. None of it is necessary and none of it helps.

Anonymous said...

1gb+ files onto bit torrent sites? - OUCH.

Again, where's that bloody church van when you need it?

Stef said...

None of it is necessary and none of it helps.

No it's not

But Dawkins' deadpan delivery of the material did amuse me

and then he went and spoiled it all by presenting it as if it he was subject to something uniquely creationist

but then he does a lot of that

Anonymous said...

Richard Dawkins is a good sales person.Controversy sells.

I prefer the Buddhists view which neither affirms nor denies the existence of a God.There are sound Metaphysical reasons for this.

Here is the answer to the universe

The Holographic Universe - Beyond Matter part1

The Holographic Universe - Beyond Matter

Anonymous said...

I like on his program how he kept fading the sound out on the people he was interviewing and doing a voiceover saying what a loud of rubbish they were talking. Very fair and balanced that Dawky!

Richard Dawkin? Richard Foreskin more like.

NeverDawkinMyDoor said...

deer richerd

i like yoor shoes specially the ones abowt the monkees in church but could yoo tell more nob gags cheers mate keep up the 'good work'!

P.S. wot wos that Pierre Teilhard de Chardin on about in he's magnus opal Hymn of the Universe??? i herd he rote in it french!! some peeple never lern%

Shahid said...

@Stef - the man is still a prize cock though, make no mistake!

Anonymous said...

fuckwit Cameron speaks.shoot the daft cunt before he injures himself.

Stef said...

have only just had a chance to listen to that cameron interview, ta

what a colossal fuckwit than man is