Sunday, August 17, 2008

What It's All About

There's a guy called Don Harrold who produces a series of Youtube videos on the US financial markets

A couple of days ago Don put out something a little different

Anyone who has lost someone close to them especially, I think, if that someone took a while a passing will know exactly what Don is talking about

But, being human, we start to forget that feeling after a while - which is a shame as it is the single most valuable lesson there is to learn

and it's no accident that our supposedly superior, consumerist culture bends over backwards in its efforts to help us forget that lesson with every fibre of its being



Anonymous said...

Pure bullshit. Intended for those that believe that Loose Change is genuinely naive.

stef from north london said...


Anonymous said...

I see the symbol of the three question marks indicating confusion.

The July text on the video is also confusing.