Wednesday, July 23, 2008

(Hoax) Website of the Month - Psy Help Energy

The fascinating and informative official website of one of the most prominent experts in the field of alternative medicine, bioenergy and macrobiotic diet; including a stylish range of cock-shaped power amulets...

the only wee drawbacks being

- it's written in Serbian

- the website owner (?), a certain Radovan Karadžić, is about to set off on a business trip to the Hague for the next couple of years; followed by a convenient conviction and/ or an equally convenient heart attack

There is a very active user website forum though - just jam packed full of spam porn ads and pictures of scary looking bearded men and the occasional atrocity

Dildo necklaces and bearded scarymen aside, I'm having a little trouble deciding which is harder to swallow...

1. The notion that Karadžić was able to spend the last ten years wandering around Belgrade, drinking in his local cafe with his framed (pre beard) picture on the wall, completely unrecognized by everyone around him, Bananas style; simply because he'd grown a beard. Yes, I really believe that


2. The sheer, nauseating hypocrisy of the blanket media coverage which has the brass cheek to describe Karadžić as Europe's worst war criminal since 1945

Off the top of my head I can think of at least one European politician guilty of war crimes with a much higher body count to his name

...arguably less popular with his former electorate than Karadžić though



Anonymous said...

Serbia is the devil.
Serbia is the devil.
Serbia is the devil.

I can't find the 8 o'clock news thing where different Bosnian people in their homes rejoice (and rightly so) at the news of the arrest of Karadjic, then the voice says "but the atmosphere is altogether different if not outright hostile in Belgrade, where a crowd of FIFTY demonstrators cry their support to Karadjic..."

I'm no specialist of the balkans by any means, and I don't give a rat's arse one way or another.
But I don't like being told who to hate.

Stef said...

Here's a clue or two

Anonymous said...

Anon 22:21 here...

Isn't there a huge US military base near or in Kosovo?
Funny, where there's heroin there's... Or am I being paranoid.?

Anyway, heroin is sooo 80's, man.

Anonymous said...

I was going to post about the 'K' province ... but your clues bet me to it. It's not just you and I who were thinking the same thing. In which case ... where's the analysis in the MSM; they really are crap aren't they?

Stef said...

or very, very good

depending on your PoV

Stef said...

...Camp Bondsteel

Stef said...

... a couple more clues here and here

plus a quick game of join the NATO humanitarian intervention dots, from Afghanistan through the Balkans over to Blighty, and, bingo, you've got yourself a insane conspiracy theory

not that there's a proven history for that sort of thing or anything like that

and even if there was the past is a foreign country, they do things differently there

Stef said...

more clues

ziz said...

„Kada čovečanstvo bude proučavalo nefizikalne pojave, nauka će za deset godina napredovati više nego za sve vekove do sada.“ Nikola Tesla

Seems to have good endorsements... was Mr Tesla (who came from this neck of the woods) into energetic ladie's .er...handy gadgets ?

ziz said...

Hmmmm looks like his website is a bit recent .. couldn't be a hoax ?
Registrar: ENOM, INC.
Whois Server:
Referral URL:
Status: clientTransferProhibited
Updated Date: 22-jul-2008
Creation Date: 22-jul-2008
Expiration Date: 22-jul-2009

>>> Last update of whois database: Wed, 23 Jul 2008 04:03:33 EDT <<<

Stef said...

using sophisticated forensic techniques I have established that the porn spam on Dr Dragon's forum is indeed dated no later than 23/7/08

which is a bit of a blow as I've ordered half a dozen of those necklaces

Anonymous said...

In Germany many people do not rate Albanians,Serbians very highly because of their Drug/prostitution activities.
This is probably stereotyped gazing but that is how they are perceived.

I know next to nothing about that neck of the woods.

There is only one thing for sure.Blair is the bigger asshole /criminal /puppet by far.

Stef said...

those kind of negative perceptions are not helped if your country's customs, police, immigration services and overseas peacekeepers are directed to turn a blind eye and even assist the activities of the scummiest, scariest members of any community

Stef said...

Just to be clear about the possible hoax nature of this week's Messianic David's website

I got the link from the BBC who interviewed the webmaster in his office

As well as the unfailing reliability of the BBC, another reason why I can't believe the site is a hoax is that the web guy seemed very very sincere - especially the bit where he insisted that, because of the magic beard, he had no idea who he was dealing with

Stef said...

was Mr Tesla (who came from this neck of the woods) into energetic ladie's .er...handy gadgets ?

I believe that's more Wilhelm Reich's sort of thong

also from this neck of the woods

Anonymous said...

I've always found the war and break up of Yugoslavia completely baffling. The mainstream account really doesn't make any sense. Am I right in saying our old friends Osama and Al Qaedia were involved somewhere in the mix too?

Stef said...

the single most baffling thing about the West's treatment of Yugoslavia (if you believe mainstream media narratives that is) is the way that the War on Terror paradigm as practiced elsewhere has been completely turned on its head

Wolfie said...

Nothing to do with the Zbigniew Brzezinski connection then! I hear he's been advising Obama...

Stef said...

If Obama gets shot then we'll know he was the real deal

which no doubt will be a great comfort to all his supporters

Anonymous said...

There's a lot of creepy stuff about Obama and Brzezinski on the web. Some even say Obama is a mandchurian candidate.

Brzezinski is very unpopular in some circles for not being hawkish (specifically for wanting to pull out of Iraq), and especially for being critical of the influence of AIPAC (Israel lobby) on US foreign policy.

Obama has indeed been groomed and is being mentored by Brzezinski, but he's not nearly as creepy as a Karl Rove. Also note that Francis Fukuyama now backs Obama.

Brzezinski's geostrategic plans are not conspiraloon material. One only needs to read The Grand Chessboard, everything is explained in simple words: American dominance over the world, by containing Russia and China within their borders, and securing a pro US belt from France to Ukraine.

Most of what he is being accused in the first half of the article (written by Webster Tarpley, conspiraloon deluxe, regular on goes against Brzezinski's doctrine.
However Tarpley is spot on on one thing: there is a tectonic shift in power within the ruling class in favour of Obama. His massive and debtless financial backing is another clear sign.

In other words Obama is the visible part of deep politics at play. Obama is the man of one faceless financial-buraucratic caste, Clinton and McCain of another.

Stef said...

I'd go for most if not all of that

Stef said...

though, obviously, I believe everything posted on Jeff Rense's site

especially the UFO stuff

Anonymous said...

Anon 22:51 @stef

My favourite thing about Jeff Rense is the 80s long gray hair and black moustache.

You mentioned Obama getting shot. And Hillary Clinton herself made allusions to the Kennedy assassinations.

Before he got shot, JFK wrote orders to start a pullout of Vietnam as it looked very much like a quagmire. After his unfortunate demise, his vice-president and successor, LBJ, immediately raised and intensified US involvement in the war (a "surge")...

If Obama decides to pull out of Iraq and not attack Iran...

Tony said...

@anon 24 July 2008 08:03:
Search for Burim Osmani on the internets and you'll find his connections to politicians in Hamburg...

Tony said...

And who is prominently present with troops in good old Kosovo?