Monday, March 31, 2008

A new Messiah in waiting

A scary thought just came over me whilst commenting on another blog on the subject of global warming

Having a little background in Earth history, a healthy mistrust of oligarchical dynasties such as the Windsors, the Goldsmiths and the Rothschilds and therefore their envirofeudalist spawn, and having visited Greece last month just a few days after the Parthenon was covered in
six inches of snow, I'm just a teensy wee bit sceptical about the Man Made Global Warming thing

my comment went something like this...

"the new fad in 2009 might actually be how we’re all going to stop the climate getting cooler

…tax rebates on 4×4 ownership, fines for cavity wall insulation and double glazing, energy saving lightbulb crushing parties, all sorts of fun stuff

it’s all also worth pointing out the ‘debate’ is all about ‘climate change’ these days NOT ‘global warming’. The arse-covering has already been put in place in the language that is being used"

I must confess to being quite amused by the thought that the entire climate change industry might be obliged to one day rapidly turn 180 degrees and start extolling the virtues of pumping as much crap into the atmosphere as possible

What wasn't so amusing was the follow-on thought as to the identity of the person most eminently qualified to lead such a movement to try and maintain the Earth at its most correct temperature for the last 650 million years; as designated by the David Rothschild and his chums (that would be, of course, today's temperature), through the energetic promotion of deliberate Man Made Global Warming

It could only be one person couldn't it?

strange times make for some seriously fucking strange alliances



paul said...

Shouldn't be too hard:
a previously unidentified bug in powerpoint meant that all climate charts for the past five years were displayed upside down.
We apologise for any misunderstanding and now must alert the globe to this chilling new danger

paul said...

Fascinatingly, Jezzer's mother made the first paddington bear toys. Those were, of course, much kinder times for south american immigrants to dear old london town.

Stef said...

Hmmm, just as well he wasn't called Stockwell Bear

Stef said...

.. there's definitely a cartoon waiting be made somewhere on this subject

I'm not sure you'd want to show it to kids though

Stef said...

The problem, as you are hinting, with describing MMGC as a chilling new danger is all the confusion that would cause with the valuable factual information being provided by the mainstream media on the subject of the Global War on Terror - and we wouldn't want people to get the two threats mixed up would we

Unless, that is, AQ is already working on a scheme to accelerate the destruction of global climate

... Al Qaeda Made Global Cooling - (AQMGC)

shit, you don't think they really could be do you?

/ really scared now

paul said...

In other news, while sating my fascination with the alien beauty of early eighties jap electrics, I canme across one of the oddest ebay entries of the year, scroll for the description
I wonder what he's on about????

Stef said...


paul said...

Unless, that is, AQ is already working on a scheme to accelerate the destruction of global climate
Well, from what I've read, there's very little these lads can't turn their hand to.
It is a global war they're waging after all

paul said...

ha ha ha
Results 1 - 10 of about 49,100 for chilling terror plot.
Must be a slow week....

jon doy said...

ah yes, it's as i've said before - and as you say, Stef - the new world thermometer immovability order is coming, we need to fix temperatures where they are now, and now that everyone's spanked all their credit cards on agaves and banana trees for the garden and built themselves flat roofed Spanish villas, we can get on with the new all important and urgent task of building Swiss chalets and legislating against human beings for all the water they use that would otherwise be causing lovely climate warming - well, at least that science would be a touch less bullshit than co2

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I can see the "terrrr alert" merging with a "thermometer alert". Is it positive temp inferno flux today or are we heading for a big freeze.

Humans are crap.

Tony said...

In related news: The IPCC review process is a farce.

(b) Significant points not fully taken on board. In several places ... where the balance of comments suggests an approach different from the Lead Authors’ preferred approach and they have chosen to stick with their own preference, responses such as ‘Unfortunately we cannot please everyone . . . ‘ do not really do justice to the points being made and give an arguably misleading justification of the basis on which they have rejected the Reviewer’s proposals.

(c) Misleading implications that comments have been taken on board. There are numerous places ... where, by using words like ‘yes’, ‘OK’, ‘Text Revised’, ‘Text revised to deal with many of these issues’ etc, the Lead Authors imply that they have actually taken the Reviewers’ points on board whereas, in fact, they have either ignored them, deleted any relevant text where they might have been incorporated, or
actually taken a different position in their revised text.

(d) Uncompleted responses. There are several places where, in the ‘Notes of the Writing Team’ column, the Lead Authors have not gone back and tied off their final response. …

(e) Erroneous statements. There are some (but not many) places where it is stated that something will be done, or has been done, and it clearly hasn’t, …