Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Stef's Guide to Essential Jihadist Training Videos

Like many other people out there I’m still puzzling over just what it is that Doctor Evil!! and his associates were planning to achieve with last week’s car, er, ‘bombs’

Zany madcap antics from the Provisional NHS
(from b3ta)

So I thought I’d try and get hold of some of the fearsome jihadist training material available on the web so that I could develop an insight into their tactics.

My first logical port of call was the
Al-Hesbah website on which someone, apparently, predicted the attacks on London and Glasgow.

However, 15 seconds of in-depth research revealed that, like virtually every other jihadist site out there, Al-Hesbah is proxy hosted in the United States – Scottsdale, Arizona to be precise. So there’s just the teensy weensiest possibility of US intelligence service involvement.

The second site I turned to was Youtube. The nearest thing I could find to a training video for the Glasgow attack was this…

Like the attackers themselves, I was getting warmer

(b3ta again)

Anyway, to cut a long story short, my research was interrupted by an email from a chum who sent me a link to this video which covers the tactics and execution of the attacks in more than enough detail...

"A message to my brothers in the Jihad, get a grip"

It’s overly long and the guy is clearly trying to steal Boris Johnson’s act but there are a couple of good lines


And whilst I’m posting chilling video clips now is as good a time as any to join in with a million other people and include my own link to the
Dramatic Chipmunk video – on the basis that a) it is chilling, and b) there may be five or six internet users who haven’t seen it yet…


edit: Billy, the maker of 'A message to my brothers in the Jihad, get a grip' appears to be labouring under the peculiar impression that MI5 is not in the infiltration or disinformation business...

So, even though I'm still linking to his video, he's definitely an inhabitant of NonConspiro World. A world that is becoming increasingly depopulated as we fanatical conspiracy theorists infect and Conspiraloonacize the young and the feeble minded with our insane beliefs*, one by one. Hahahahahahaha!!

We'll keep fighting - and we'll WIN!!

Freshly Conspiraloonacized children - 'Give me the child until he is seven and I will give you a Conspiraloon™'

(* = Stuff like knowing that most jihadist websites are registered and hosted in the US and the UK. That organisations like MI5 and the FBI have a track record of supporting terrorist attacks. Insane material of that nature...)


Anonymous said...

"We pretty much catched all of them"

I don't assume the names Birmigham Six, Maguire Seven or Guildford Four ring any bells with young Billy.

Stef said...

or even, for people with the memory of a goldfish, the Lockerbie Bombing

What Billy meant to say, of course, was

'We pretty much caught all of them or people just like them'

It's a Class System thing

Anonymous said...

That's one of the striking things about peoples reaction to current events - the startling national amnesia about the last terrorist threat we faced 20 odd years ago. About Mi5 been in with the terrorists and all those innocent people fitted up by the state.

It's almost as if none of it ever happened!

Anonymous said...

This whole thing (in Scotland) is weird. I'm not saying there is a conspiracy in the Scitiish case, but that Doctors - people who help people similiar to
their probable intended victims, seem to be wanting to kill people. OR WERE THEY? Perhaps the act was not supposed to kill people. Perhaps it was to ause economic damage. Being reasonably intelligent people and medical healers, I think the economic slant is the more plausable.

The London 'bombs'? - well, if I've seen a psy-op once, I've seen it a hundred times (and yes, I probably have seen them a hundred times).

I enjoyed the post you made. Very humourous.

Re MSM defined "Islamist" websites, It is hard to say. I once traced a message from the Iraqi Resistance and it originated from, or was hosted by, an apparent IR supporting website) a US website too. But I think the message from the IR was genuine. Comminque number 6 I believe. In addition, when I run a 'neotrace' on IP's, they invariably route through the US. Hummm...

Having said that I'd be shocked of the USUK DIDN'T do such things. I have little doubt the BBC's men use such sites for their own propaganda.

ziz said...

"What is Truth?" qoth Jesting Pilate, and would not stay for an answer.

July 4th today - let's hope no-one pisses on THAT parade.

paul said...

explosive material here!!

Stef said...

@lwtc247 - At the moment it's impossible for anyone to fathom out what happened last week.

I think, however, it would be fair to say that if trained doctors woke up one day and decided to kill lots of people they would come up with something more effective than crashing a car and pouring petrol all over themselves

Anonymous said...

As doctors, they could conceivably have had the power to kill dozens in the NHS like Harold Shipman did, or at the least cause absolute havoc. Why choose to do something as stupid and ineffective as setting fire to a 4x4?

Anonymous said...

First off I didn't make it clear. The site hosting the IR comminique came from a US site.

anon 6:47 PM
Yes. As doctors they could have killed and injured hundreds in the NHS. Why all of a suggen do something as stupid like this? Whay could they not drive? What would they show poor understanding of science and make ineffective "bums" {bums is a better desciption than bombs, becasue I think think they actually made or had any bombs per se)

I'm not saying this is a conspiracy, - expecially as people seem to have been aprehended - especially after one aparently tried to kill himself.

But who's be surprized if it turned out that way?

Keep MKultra in mind (no punn intended)

Anonymous said...

"Why choose to do something as stupid and ineffective as setting fire to a 4x4?"

It reminds me of Peter Finch's rôle in Network - "I'm as mad as hell and I just can't take it anymore"